Tinder Surprise! Part B…

Pssst…have you listened to Part A yet? The shenanigans continue in the second hour of our Tinder Party… “I just want people listening know we are actually headed straight to church after this…” “Did you hit ‘like’?” “No” “Can I??” … Continue reading

Tinder Surprise!

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about this new dating app called Tinder. I’m calling it the Candy Crush of online dating, Tinder is often compared to the app Grindr; which was created for gay men…Tinder has been called … Continue reading

Dating 2.0 Continued


A while back I started writing about Dating 2.0… I had all these plans to write how to date in the digital age. How Facebook is not eHarmony… blah blah blah. I pulled it…because it was wayyyyy too depressing. The stories I heard and even worse… the experiences I had since I had signed up for accounts and made myself the guinea pig.

Which was a very bad idea.


Like a resume, your online profile needs to be spell checked by another person. Too embarrassed to have anyone know you’re dating online (and really you shouldn’t…stats show 1 in 8 now meet online)?

Well, then send $9.99 via email transfer to rsvp@herlilblackbook.com and I will gladly pimp your profile for you.


*wall slide*