Shot by Cupid’s Arrow…

“I wonder what it would be like to hire an escort…?”

That’s how I got inspired to do this episode, and well, the entire series.

While in conversation with a man about all things sex, he wondered what it would be like to pay. No ambiguity…no discussion…just a chance to fulfill the fantasy without the legwork.

While we debated the pros and cons, he said that one of the pros would be that he’d have her undivided attention… because it’s not like she could leave, right?


To settle the debate, I had a chance to interview Jillian Hollander, the owner of Cupid’s Escorts. Cupid’s services range from an hour or two of your time, to the complete Girlfriend Experience. Me? I was lucky enough to spend an hour with her for free…

If you’ve ever wondered about hiring an escort…

Then it’s time for you to press play.

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