Saturday Night Fail… Discuss.

(On his THIRD approach…)

“Look, I’m going to make you like me. I don’t think you like me. So this is my goal tonight. I think you should like me. I’m a good guy.”

(Arches brow)


(Arches brow)

“My name’s Mike”

(smiles) yeah. Not surprised. Listen, Michael? I’m going to teach you a very important lesson.

“What’s that?”

“You can’t make ANYONE like you, and not everyone will…”

(How do you think this ended?)


One thought on “Saturday Night Fail… Discuss.

  1. Probably with her eventually departing the establishment, for a few reasons:

    1) Mike was ‘in it to win it’, if for no other reason than to satisfy his own ego (or perhaps win a bet amongst his friends).

    2) Some women (not all, thankfully) actually CAN be worn down. This can be the result of curiosity, low self image, boredom, an overly high amount of respect for persistence, or just too many inhibitions absent due to intoxication.

    3) She realized that she had been, whether she wanted to be or not, ‘marked’. His persistence basically told any other would-be suitor that any interests would be challenged by his truly. So unless an incredibly confident guy had a genuine interest, casuals would look elsewhere (other fish in the sea…).

    So, given her obviously above-average intellect, strong sense of self-worth, and solid deductive reasoning skills, she would soon realize that unless the entertainment value of Mike’s unending pursuit was worth the hours of no other male attention, she could find more fulfilling, cheaper, and less annoying amusement elsewhere.

    But she should be prepared for one final act of desperation during her departure…

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