Tinder Surprise! Part B…

Pssst…have you listened to Part A yet? The shenanigans continue in the second hour of our Tinder Party… “I just want people listening know we are actually headed straight to church after this…” “Did you hit ‘like’?” “No” “Can I??” … Continue reading

Tinder Surprise!

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about this new dating app called Tinder. I’m calling it the Candy Crush of online dating, Tinder is often compared to the app Grindr; which was created for gay men…Tinder has been called … Continue reading

The Female Breadwinner…?

I love this web series… and not just because I have a strange attraction to Ryan Hall (the only man who can dress the way he does and still come off as sexy to me…).

I love the execution of these on the street interviews, and how they present various opinions.

This particular episode was something that I wanted to present to y’all and set up for discussion.

It’s relevant to you guys and I’d love to hear your opinion.

Would you be okay with her making more money?