Tinder Surprise!

I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about this new dating app called Tinder. I’m calling it the Candy Crush of online dating, Tinder is often compared to the app Grindr; which was created for gay men…Tinder has been called … Continue reading

If dating has to be a “game”…then let’s make it fun….

Y’know, when you type “why is dating…” into a Google search, the auto-complete’s top return is “…so hard”. Not surprised. There are all these hidden rules it seems. Steps you have to take to get from one stage to the … Continue reading

Leave Sexual Shyness Behind…

SEX. How many of you made a resolution to be better at it? Mmmhmm. I’ve been asking and talking about it, and it seems that some of you darling boys are a bit reluctant to talk the talk, even though … Continue reading