Say Goodnight Gracie…

I’ve tried to write this post three times in the last three weeks…

Meh. Might as well just say it.

The Blog is Dead.
Long Live the Blog.

Back in December, the URL came up for renewal. I debated. I delayed. I hemmed and I hawed. I let the expiration date go by. Behind the scenes, I was venturing into other things…and while the blog (and you darling boys and girls) are never far from my mind, I struggled with one thought…

“What more can I say?”


Most of the stuff that’s on here wasn’t actually SAID by me…friends and friends of friends generously provided that…and I reported it back to you. Sometimes, it was a conversation overheard, or behaviour I observed. On some rare occasions, I experienced it directly (and still faithfully reported it back to you).

But you know what I mean. It was my voice, my interpretation, my opinion.

When I started the blog in 2009, it had already been an idea and domain that was a year in the making; it wasn’t even supposed to be a blog! The blog was incidental…but it became the focal point, and I said then that I wouldn’t want to get repetitive. I would have to keep things moving forward.

Well, with dating, sex, relationships, and all the stuff that goes in between, I had a ton of material to work with…as long as there’s these things, there will always be material.

But I don’t think that this blog is the best way for me to continue exploring these topics.

For all you wonderful people out there in the dark…remember, it’s only me back here. Not various contributors. Not some dude (yup). Not a 300 lb man hating lesbian (still my favourite email!). Just me. With all that I’m doing (and will want to do), I don’t want this blog to be listed as a “thing to do”, or a chore, or worse yet, devolve into some pseudo relationship expert site that repeats the same tired shit over and over.

I’m not going to take the posts down, no. I really love a lot of the stuff I’ve written. So I’ll just let it live here as an archive…and every once in a while, I’ll post an oldie and a goodie onto the (woefully inactive) FB page, just for shits and giggles.

That’s it.

Oh, should the urge strike or I’m asked to write something specific…well then…you may see something up on here that’ll be labeled as a NEW POST.

Kids, the only thing I’ve committed to longer than this was a job…and at technically 5.5 years (if you count the preamble and the blogger experiment that came before this), this blog has lasted as long as my most serious relationship.

Whoa. I just read that sentence back.Whoa.

Now, you can read what I read: – a trio of hilarious daters – a true “single’s” blog and not some SATC wanna be – Ken “dines out” more than a restaurant reviewer for the New York Times. What’s not to adore? – hedonism at its best! – Michael. That is all. – to read when Michael (see above) isn’t around) – Max writes the stuff I think (well, not the baby stuff…go back about a year…trust me!)

That’s a good starting point, but hell, half of you discovered me via these blogs!

Enjoy. I won’t leave any last words, because these aren’t the last words…Oh yeah! When it comes to me (HLBB) I know what’s next. If you want to find out what’s next when it happens, fill out this handy form which will populate a mailing list for me…and then I can bug you when that time comes. (“HEY! REMEMBER ME?”)

For everyone who has read, commented (privately or publicly), shared, retweeted, or emailed this link to friends overseas (HI AUSTRALIA!), and/or has given me stuff to work with? Thank you… You’ll see me around. Just not as frequently.


p.s. be good…and if you can’t be good…be good at it.


One thought on “Say Goodnight Gracie…

  1. oh man. i will definitely miss your writing but at some point you have to be true to yourself and your chosen art. i hope u be successful in your future endeavors and i will make sure to catch any new post in the future or any old one i may have missed.

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