I Got Facebook Poked in Real Life…

Hi kiddies…

This. This is a new one for me…

Out last night to see friends perform.

While standing at the bar, talking to one of those friends, I was approached by a young man.

The friend and I are standing parallel to each other, but engaged in conversation. Now, I usually lean back against a bar with my arms kind of outstretched…I know this because it was once pointed out that the way I stand was “more like a guy than a girl…”

Whatever. But it’s important to note that my body language was what one might consider “open”. I digress…

Mid-conversation, I get elbowed.

Yes. In the ribcage.

I was talking to my boy on the right and on my left I got elbowed. As I mentioned, this is the type of event where I’m going to know people, so I’m half expecting to turn to my left and see a friend I haven’t seen in some time.


The stranger on my left is smiling. I squint (it’s dark, I’m not wearing glasses).

Don’t know him.


“Hi…did you just nudge me?”



“I wanted to start a conversation…”

I won’t tell you how the rest of the conversation went…I want you to tell me how the rest of the conversation went.

GUYS – would you do this?

LADIES – what would be your response?

PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE… you are disqualified from responding. However, it does take the expected #mylifeisasitcom twist…


5 thoughts on “I Got Facebook Poked in Real Life…

  1. i usually start my conversations by saying hi or any of its equivalents. i’m not assaulting a woman to get her attention

    • As per the promise I made last summer, instead of freaking out…I educated him, HLBB style.
      Told him he was a fail and why…
      Then told him what to do next time…
      But next time would never be with me.

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