Funny Won’t Get You Laid…

A major complaint I hear guys make is when a woman says she wants a guy who is “funny”*

(*but forgets to mention that this funny guy has to be this tall, this look, with a really muscular body, blah blah blah…)

Well, according to a research study by those folks at Stanford, women wanting a man that can make them laugh is very important. Psychologists have long held the theory that humour emerged as an indicator of other traits that were of survival value, such as human intelligence.

Funny = smart = able to get themselves out of danger = higher survival rate.

Women want men who can make them laugh. There’s just one little glitch…

(Okay…a big one)

“Funny” is subjective. Very subjective. You will never be able to convince me that Dane Cook is funny; or Seinfeld for that matter. But Chris Rock’s skinny ass could get it…

It’s not enough to just be funny…it’s not the key factor. But, it can be the deciding factor. If a woman is faced with the choice between Hot Guy A and Hot Guy B, she is more likely to choose the Hot Guy who is funny.

Oh and get this: Women are also more susceptible to humor at times of the month when they are most fertile.

Funny = smart = out of danger = higher survival rate = babymaker?



“My friends think I’m funny…”

Great. Date your friends. (That was a joke,  don’t do that.)

“She thinks I’m funny, but she still doesn’t want to fuck me.”

Like I said: funny won’t get you laid; she still needs to find you attractive.

Question: what if the object of your lustful affection doesn’t find you funny? What do you do?

Because if you TRY to be funny, you will FAIL. You will fail worse than the throwaway SNL sketch that runs before the second musical performance. Oh, and being funny isn’t about being able to tell a joke… it’s about being able to make someone laugh. There is a huge difference, and if you don’t know that difference, then you’re in for some serious rejection.

Do you then try to find out what makes her laugh and be that?

Erm… no.

I can see how one might think this would work, but wouldn’t you just be trying to change yourself to make her happy? Exactly.

I realized that comedians of the day were operating on jokes and punch lines. The moment you say the punch line, the audience either laughs sincerely or they laugh automatically or they don’t laugh. The thing that bothered me was that automatic laugh. I said, that’s not real laughter.

-Steve Martin

Real laughter.

Ladies, help me out here…how does he make you laugh? Tell us how he makes you laugh in the comments or use the hashtag #HesFunny


3 thoughts on “Funny Won’t Get You Laid…

      • I like dry, smart humour. Witty. Clever. Not a comedian. I don’t have to laugh to be happy. I care more about humour between girlfriends than I do between me and men I date. I’ve laughed more times with you than I can remember and that’s because you’re smart and witty. If I’m laughing at a man, my level of attraction drops.

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