These are the headlines…

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Tough Love: Guy Won’t Propose Until His Girlfriend Makes Him 300 Sandwiches
Bitch, Make Me 300 Sandwiches, Orders Beautiful Woman’s Boyfriend
Stephanie Smith’s 300 Sandwiches – Business Insider
This Woman Must Make 300 Sandwiches For Her Boyfriend To Get 

This is the question:

LADIES Would you make 300 sandwiches for your beloved IF you were guaranteed an engagement ring?

GENTLEMEN If your beloved came to you and said “I want to get married…”, would you say “better make me some sandwiches first.”?


5 thoughts on “300 WHATNOW?

    • Actually, quite a few questioned her sanity! Even her own mother asked if he could cook. Diamond digger. Just wants the ring. And book deal. And the movie deal.

      What will be ironic is when they cast a White woman to play her…

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