A lot of discussion of exes lately.

Specifically, my exes (everyone keeps asking me about my past)

Out with a group of girls, and one of them had not seen ANY of my exes (I don’t do photos).

Finally, I pulled up a few.

Girlfriend #1:  “Nice…”   “Ooooh. Macho…”   “Really?”

Me: (pulls up a photo of an ex with his current girlfriend) “Here he is with his girlfriend…y’know, I thought he’d be with someone more “shiny”. She’s kind of milquetoast…”

Girlfriend #2:  (looks over at laptop) “yeah, he seems like he’d be with someone more dynamic looking, someone funkier…”

Girlfriend #1: “sometimes when you’re the creative funky one, you just need some dry toast. No butter.”

Yes. We discuss you even when we’re done with you and you’re with someone else.


2 thoughts on “Toast…

  1. You think this would be obvious to them though. I think the worst part about this is when they know you discuss them and take that as you still having feelings for them…despite the fact you’re with someone else.

    • I make sure they don’t find out I’m talking about them. I’m lucky that way…rarely do I stay in touch with an ex. NO social media connections, no calls or texts on their birthdays/holidays. You’re gone? Stay gone. LOL

      I’m cordial with a few ex “arrangements”, but never the serious exes.

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