If dating has to be a “game”…then let’s make it fun….

Y’know, when you type “why is dating…” into a Google search, the auto-complete’s top return is “…so hard”.

Not surprised. There are all these hidden rules it seems. Steps you have to take to get from one stage to the next. You make it to one level, but do you have the special phrase/code/device to get to you the next one?

When you roll the dice, are you rolling snake eyes?

TEASE Fridays – a meet n’ greet for singles was put on hold a few weeks back.

But, I’ve just been given word that Friday, June 28 is open. I got to thinking…and scheming…and decided that if this whole dating thing has to be a game for us, why not make it fun?

BUT, I need your help.

I need some bachelors and bachelorettes – not the crazy TV show kind please and thank you – who want to earn some prizes.

(Of course there are prizes…)

Bachelors: sign up by sending in a photo of yourself (no d*ck pics!) and these stats along with contact info:

Geographic Location
Highest Level of Education Completed

We will pick three bachelors at random to participate…those who aren’t picked will go back in the mix. ONE of you will be selected as our Bachelor for round two.

Your photo and your stats will be posted here on HLBB.com

Bachelorettes: sign up by sending in your photo (no c*ochie shots) and contact info along with these stats:

Geographic Location
Favourite type of music
Current occupation

We will select ONE lucky bachelorette from the pool to be our contestant for the evening. Those who aren’t selected? Three of you will become choices for the bachelor of the evening.


A special “date night” package from HLBB

A gift certificate for Dinner for Two at Saviari

More to come…keep checking for details!

To register:

Send an email to rsvp@herlilblackbook.com

Good luck! Oh, and we promise it won’t end up like this:


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