Leave Sexual Shyness Behind…

Astroglide Dr. Yvonne


How many of you made a resolution to be better at it?


I’ve been asking and talking about it, and it seems that some of you darling boys are a bit reluctant to talk the talk, even though you are more than willing to walk the walk. Go figure.

While this is a sponsored post, it is a post with great timing. Because for 2013, my resolution is to explore all those sex questions that you have wanted to ask…

Yes, darlings…I’m going to talk dirty to you.

Not only that, I’m going to get some people to join in and help…

BUT, I can’t just jump right in. Apparently that’s what throws some of you guys off in the first place. To get things started right, I thought I would ease into it, and add a little lubricant to the conversation.

Anyone need some Astroglide?

To start you off on the right track, I got some tips from Astroglide’s Sexual Wellness Ambassador Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, so that you can work on discovering your sexual self in 2013.

“I have sex. I think I know my sexual self HLBB…”

Erm. I’m guessing some of you don’t. From the feedback women have given me, the conversations about sex aren’t as deep, or as satisfying as they could be.

(smug smile)

But that means that the sex isn’t necessarily the best it could be either. Yeah. Exactly.

Sex is more than just physics and logistics. You know the basics of what’s going where, but are you having the best sex you could be having? Or are you holding back, and just having sex? From Dr. Fulbright’s tips, I noticed a correlation between what SHE was saying and what the ladies have said. For instance:

Tip 1: Analyze what’s holding you back. So that you have a good sense – versus a general sense – of the barriers you need to overcome in claiming your sexual self and sex life. Yes…I want you to think about sex beyond just having sex.

Tip 2: Read quality sex manuals, blogs, etc. (ahem). Knowledge is power, and a bunch of you are insecure about performance because of ignorance. Educate yourself on techniques, erogenous zones, and modes of seduction. Because what worked for one woman, may not work for another…more importantly, what worked for YOU with one woman, may not work with another.

Tip 3: Get to know yourself. Experiment with different sexual enhancements. It’s hard to express yourself or let a lover know your likes and what you want unless you take the time for self-exploration first. Flirt with different ways to get turned on, to seduce, and begin the process of foreplay. You will feel more self-assured in providing instruction, even if it’s non-verbal. We listen to those cues just as much as you do.

Tip 4: Push the boundaries a little. If she’s willing… Talk to her and find out if she’s game. Is there something you’ve wanted to explore? Are there any sex inhibitions that you’d like to break down?

Tip 5: You don’t have to be boo’d up. Take all the necessary precautions, but go out and get laid! Thanks to the internet, there are so many ways to connect with people who may share a particular taste that you want to explore – who says you have to be married to do it?

Tip 6: Work on feeling good about yourself. This ties in well with tip #3…sex involves the senses, if you lead a life that enhances the senses on a regular basis, then chances are you’ll enhance your sex life as well. Wear clothes that feel good. Take care of yourself. Eat well. Regular grooming (and not just for special occasions) is a plus. Work out, because not only will you look good, you’ll last longer.

Now that I’ve got your brain lube’d up… feel free to let the answers flow. This is the part where I give you access to an expert…okay, well Astroglide does.

Mmmmhmm. They’re giving you access to Dr. Yvonne. Submit your questions to her and get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Because with all the fun you could be having with sex, you shouldn’t be half-assing it darlings… go all out.

And don’t forget the lube…here’s to better sex in 2013!



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