The Three Times You are NOT Entitled to P*ssy…


In your pursuit of pussy, some of you have developed the misguided notion that, there are certain scenarios that you will find yourself in, and that this means you are entitled to receive pussy.

But unfortunately…

You’re not.

Actually, I think there are more…but these seem to be the recurring ones.

Scenario Number 1: “I’m a Nice Guy”

To which I say, “oh, fuck off!”


If being nice was all it took to get pussy, Mr. Rogers would’ve drowned in a sea of vagina sometime around September of 1975.

I get it, you’re nice. You do nice things. You pick her up after last call…just to give her a ride home. You take her out to dinner to cheer her up…when her boyfriend/crush/illicit lover has dropped the ball. You help her take out her weave before a hair appointment. You walk her dog when she has the flu. Blah blah blah blah blah.


If you are doing all of these “nice” things in hopes that you’ll be rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to her coochie, stop. Stop right now.

Disclaimer: it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people do “nice” things in order to receive nice things in return. It’s do unto others as you would have them do to you, not do unto others as you expect them to do unto you in return.

If you are doing these things simply because you think that by doing them, you’ll be “rewarded”, then you’re not nice. You’re just a guy running a game with high stakes. If she’s accepting these nice gestures without any acknowledgement, you’re being taken advantage of. If you’re doing these things and she tells you that you’re such a great friend or like a brother to her, it’s because she has no intentions of ever fucking you. Ever.

Because let’s face it. How many women are interested in committing incest?

So yeah. You can keep at it all you want. Spend the money/time/effort. Become embittered. Ramble on about how nice guys finish last. You didn’t finish last; you were never in the starting blocks to begin with.

When I hear a “nice guy” talk about the “nice guy routine” and complain (whine) about the fact that she still picked the asshole, I always ask them, “were you doing this because you like doing nice things for people? Were these the kinds of things you’d do for your best friend? Did you derive any joy out of committing these selfless acts?”

About 99.9% of the time, I get a blank stare or silence in response. So, I continue:

“Because you see, darling boy, a NICE person does nice things because they WANT to. The act alone makes them feel great. Makes them feel rewarded. If you do these types of things for your ‘friends’ all the time, then you would expect no reward. Because the pleasure/satisfaction/joy of doing it WAS the reward. Oh. You wanted to see her naked after picking her up after last call and helping her take out her weave?

No honey. You’re just a chump. Not because she played you, but because you played yourself. Here’s a hanky. Use it for those fake ass tears…or however else you wish to use it.”

Scenario Number 2: I Bought Her a Drink/Dinner/Expensive Pair of Shoes/Car

Unless the terms were explicitly discussed prior to said purchase, you are once again, out of pussy. Let me state that I don’t agree with the societal norms that dictate that men must spend a shitload of money on drinks and expensive shit in order to get pussy. But, sadly, I’ll admit that it helps.

HELPS. Not guarantees it.

IF you choose to go this route and she says, “buy me a drink and I’ll dance with you/stay a little longer/give you a kiss”, well then chances are, she’s telling you to take your chances. If she’s running a game, then all you’ll do is fall for it and buy another round…and let’s not forget the round she’s asking you to buy her friends…

Reality? You’re being tested. You are.

If you’re a man of substance, you know how to get pussy without pulling out your wallet. If she’s testing you, she’ll say “buy me a drink”, as a way for you to buy time…to show her what you’re made of.

I have a friend who is so fucking pretty that a man bought drinks for her AND HER HUSBAND, in his quest to get pussy. Yes, he actually thought that because she accepted the drink that she’d step out on her husband.

(holds head in hands)

One night, when I was out with her, a guy approached to buy drinks. He was meh. He was interrupting our girl’s night of fun. She looked at him and said, “tell me, in 30 seconds why I should let you…”

(I grabbed my imaginary popcorn and sipped my cosmo – yeah I know. A cosmo…it’s her favourite and it was her round)

He proceeded to list a bunch of “status” qualities. When he was done, she said, “nope, you said nothing interesting. And that was more than 30 seconds.”

In my head, I handed him back his balls, and gave him the “poor puppy” look as he walked away defeated and back to his friends.

I’ve given some thought as to what the bomb ass response could’ve been to her challenge. Here’s what I came up with:

“Give me 45 seconds and by the end of it you’ll be buying me a drink.”

“Anything that can be done in 30 seconds isn’t worth doing.”

“It’ll take me 30 seconds to order your drink.”

“Okay, but can I whisper it in your ear?”

See? Challenge the challenge. Raise the stakes without spending a dime.

Now, if you don’t want to challenge yourself, there is one guaranteed way to get pussy in exchange for money spent. Check out the back pages of the weekly magazines.

Scenario Number 3: She Gave it Up To ____ and _____ and _____ and Even _____

Sooooooo. Your local superhead turned your down and you feel put out. Here’s another hanky. Use it for your tears or any other way you’d like.

(insert side eye here)

Slut. Hoe. Freak. DTF Girl. Skank. Whore. My gawd there are a lot of words for women who have lots of sex outside the confines of marriage, aren’t there? There’s also my personal favourite: the woman who is decidedly single and not crying out that she’s lonely or in need of a “cuddle buddy”/ “winter boo” etc. etc.

Which of course means that she’s fucking every dude and is “down for that kind of thing”, right?*

Let me make my position clear on this: IF a woman CHOOSES to have sex with one man or one hundred men, it’s her CHOICE. She could happily have sex with one man for the rest of her life, using the Karma Sutra as their guide, or she could make her own “fuck of the day” calendar.

You may feel that because she’s chosen to have sex with 20 dudes, that you’re next in line. You may feel as if her pussy has a numbering system similar to the one at the butcher’s but no, she’s CHOOSING her partners. Hell, even if she has installed a take a number system in her bedroom, face the facts honey: there are over 7 billion people in the world, half of which are men. Your number may never come up.


She has not chosen you. For whatever reasons SHE has. HER choices are based on HER preferences.

The number of sex partners she has does NOT mean you are automatically entitled to her pussy. It’s that simple.

So let’s recap: you could be at the bar, and being the nice guy that you are, offer to buy a drink for the girl you just saw in the bathroom fucking the guy who just walked out the door.

You are STILL not guaranteed any pussy.


*Yes, that was said to me. His reason for asking? I had (at the time) been single for a few years… Yes, I’m still bitter about the assumption.


14 thoughts on “The Three Times You are NOT Entitled to P*ssy…

  1. Ok lets dive into this a bit. Fortunately I dont fall into any of these groups but still I can speak on it. 1st and foremost NO situation entitles pu$$y even when in relationships when it SHOULD happen it often wont.

    Scenerio 1 Is not so much about “Good Guys” as it’s about poor scam artists playing the role of a nice guy. If your nice for the pursuit of pu$$y your gonna lose and have no grounds to complain. NOW, if your genuinely trying to know and be with her and she still brushes you all for the “other guy” yeah you can complain.

    Scenerio 2 Oh you bought her stuff……………so we trickin’ now? You better have picked the right type of female for THAT method to work. Not a high percentage move in my opinion.

    Scenerio 3 So much for standards…..this is the perfect example that there is NEVER pu$$y entitlement. Just when you think you find the person that HAS to be willing to hit you off, it doesnt happen.

    Maybe I’m off but I dont want “Entitlement Pu$$y” Much rather get “I cant hold out any longer for him to get this Pu$$y”

    Happy Holidays

    • “NOW, if you(re) genuinely trying to know and be with her and she still brushes you all for the “other guy” yeah you can complain.”

      No. You can’t. Not if all your movements have been under the pretense of being nice. If you’re being nice in order to get to know her and be with her, that’s still another game. Be nice because you want to be nice. Be nice because you like doing nice things. Don’t do nice things or be nice in hopes that it turns into something else.

      It’s like the old saying “do what you love and the money will follow”. Be a nice person and the right kind of love will follow. If you’re motivation for “nice” is the rewards you expect to receive, you’re not nice. That’s my opinion.

      “Just when you think you find the person that HAS to be willing to hit you off…”

      Uhm. No. Why does she HAVE to be willing?

      That she HAS to, implies that she has no choice. She must be compelled to give it up because she’s given it up to others? As I said, her number does not HAVE to include anyone she doesn’t want it to.

      Oh yes. Define “standards”. Are you saying that because a woman has many partners she doesn’t have a standard? What if she only likes to have sex with French speaking men, who are between the heights of 6′ and 6’5, and who work in finance? If she finds 20 of these men, has sex with all of them, but then turns down a 5’7 dude who only speaks English, and who works in law, does she no longer have standards?

      Or is her lack of standards based on the reality that he doesn’t fit HER standard?

      • Yeah you kinda picked apart my statements incorrectly or perhaps I didnt explain properly.

        You CAN be nice in pursuit of being with someone its not a disingenuous act but in truth we’d have to define nice. How a person is towards a platonic friend is still different from what you do towards someone you are interested in. You do do out of your way a lil extra usually. Again there’s no entitlement but at least your fillings are genuine.

        “Just when you think you find the person that HAS to be willing to hit you off…”

        You seemed to her focused solely on the “HAS” and not the “you think” part. The man in question THINKS she’s gonna give it up which is his delusional assumption. And while keeping it Politically Correct yeah she would only be with those she wants to be with but lets not act like personal preference isn’t a lil loose with some folk (male or female) more then others. But still that’s his mistake.

        Finally, my “Standards” reference was to the man that thinks his best bet at interaction is targeting what he perceives as the “easy target” That’s a knock against him not what he mislabels her to be.

      • I would hope that in a pursuit of someone of the opposite sex that a person would be nice!

        The “think” was noted. My issue is with the root cause of that thinking. Thinking that someone has to do something or be a certain way is based on what? It’s inherently based on what you as a person would do if you were in their shoes.

        I’m not even trying to be politically correct (not very good at it). As for personal preference, that’s the point. Whether she likes ballers or guys who look like heroin addicts, her preference is her preference. Even if you meet her physical preference, maybe there is just something there that isn’t there that she’s seeking.

        I don’t understand this “lil loose” part…again, to me this sounds like a judgement of of a person’s standards based on personal beliefs and values. One person’s “loose” is another person’s fun. And if that doesn’t mesh, then the parties aren’t meant to be with each other to begin with.

        So the nice guy can move on.

  2. I agree with your attitude towards the fake nice guys, but most of us are “real.” We treat girls with respect because we think that’s what they deserve, and are nice to *everyone*, not just our person of interest. And, honestly, we don’t think it ENTITLES us (a phrase I’m really tired of hearing).

    We just don’t think assholes deserve the girls’ love/attention/pussy/etc; definitely not more than us. So please stop claiming we feel entitled, because (most of us) don’t. We are just annoyed at the asshole being chosen over us because women would rather keep us in the friendzone, since they don’t intuitively consider friendliness/niceness a sign of masculinity/confidence (which increase sex appeal).

    • If you’re not faking it, then you’re fine. But, I will say this: if you describe yourself as “nice” (male or female), chances are you’re not.

      It also takes more than just being a good person. She may not find you attractive. Or interesting. Or funny. Or smart. If she doesn’t, then you cut your losses and move on. The idea that “why can’t she see that I’m a nice guy?” bothers me. If she can’t see it, why are nice guys wasting their time/effort on someone who doesn’t return their feelings? When girls/women do this, people are always saying “you’re too good for him, move on!”. Guess what? Applies to nice guys as well.

      Think about why it bothers you so much that she’s chosen the the asshole. When a self proclaimed “nice” guy is not chosen over the asshole, the thought is “why did she pick him? He’s an asshole?” Why can’t the thought be “oh well, lemme go find someone who’ll appreciate the late night pickups, the meals cooked/bought for her, the gifts and the little gestures.”

      What does this desired girl have that is so special to the nice guy?

      Well, there’s more to an asshole than just his asshole-ness…just as there has to be more to a nice guy than just being nice. I’ve dated many men who were considered “assholes”; by their staff, peers, coworkers, etc. But to me, the qualities that made them an “asshole” (cockiness, assertiveness, sarcasm) are the qualities that attracted to me to them.

      “Asshole” and “nice” are truly in the eye of the beholder.

      (Says the self proclaimed bitch that is considered a kind and giving bitch by her friends and family…)

      • I agree very much with what you said here. If she’s choosing the ‘asshole’ (which I agree is in the eye of the beholder), then she doesn’t deserve the nice guy and he should move on. I think nice guys often overlook the other romantic opportunities they have because they become focused on attaining someone who just isn’t into them (sexually).
        I still believe, in general, nice guys finish last because they usually appear less confident/powerful than their asshole counterparts. And they will continue to whine about it as long as girls complain about “all guys being assholes” or “nice guys being so hard to find.”

        I agree with your attitude towards the nice guys, but (most) do not feel ‘entitled’ at all. Their complaints are caused by (some/many) women saying one thing, but acting on another.

    • Agreed. Genuinely nice people don’t finish last.

      I also believe that genuinely nice people don’t call themselves “nice”.

      The nicest, sweetest person I know, I nicknamed “Sunshine”. Her work has always been to the benefit of others. She is very involved in her church (although many are surprised at that – again based on perceptions), devoted to her family.

      Funny: She’s always begging me (in a joking manner) to call her a bitch. And I can’t. I would never. Because she is a good person with a genuine heart.

      She’s had a lot of amazing things happen to her; including a wonderful, devoted, (and effing gorgeous) husband. I dare anyone to begrudge all the good that has happened to her. I’ll kick their fucking asses if they tried.

      She has never thought that the things she’s had are because she’s done good. She considers all of it “good fortune” (her words, not mine).

      • I definitely agree that a person of any type really doesnt walk around with “Im Nice” on their chest. Its the same way I question female friends that say…yeah I’m a bitch (looks at you) or I’m such an asshole.

        I see too much good happen to quality folk to believe they finish last. Also I think many “nice guys” are more so naive.

  3. I think we’re splitting hairs over the wording while being on the same side of the convo. We’re both saying “The idea of entitlement is bad ”

    Im not digging so much into why some folk think that are entitled, just that is wrong to think it. Unfortunately there’s always going to those that think that way. I just accept that and dont affiliate with them.

    As for “loose” being a judgement…..sure I can live with that. I do personally thought based on the original description you gave “Your local superhead” that “loose” fell in line with the example being given. I personally DON’T care about numbers of partners more so then how you do with them and are you responsible.

  4. i. love. this. post. but those who NEED to hear you WONT.

    i’m a nice guy and she put me in the friend zone. boo hoo. so because you are nice and attracted to her she is supposed to be attracted back and make you her man?
    because that’s in essence what half these guys are saying.

    and what KILLS me…is that they don’t see that they do the same to women based on look every day of the week. i’m allegedly wife material – but don’t have kim k dimensions. so get passed over all. the. damn. time. and yes – i’ve whined about it, but never have i said that i am entitled to a man because i have the qualities they claim to want. (but if we’re being truthful…i may have thought it once or twice).

    can i stand on the street corner and hand this blog post out?

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