Which is the WORST of these two evils? Discuss:

Okay this post is for both the men and the ladies. 

This question has come up for me a few times and I’ve debated it. I have a firm position on the issue, but I thought I’d throw it out to you. 
The scenario: 
You’re a guy, and you see a woman you like. She’s hot, she seems to be unmarried (you checked for a ring), there’s no man in sight, AND she’s in a good mood (no screwfaces here). 
You approach her and get to talking. You chit chat, run your best lines, and ask for her number. 
Which is worse?
She says “no thank you. You’re nice and all…but. No.”
(or something a lot harsher)
She takes/gives a number and kinda sorta says something along the lines of you’ll see each other again. But you never hear from her.
Speak on it:



7 thoughts on “Which is the WORST of these two evils? Discuss:

  1. Personally neither one is that upsetting to me. If she engages in conversation w/ me but doesn’t want to go beyond that and politely, mature says that then cool. Have a great night and keep it moving. If she gives me a # and doesn’t call/return the call I’ll know within a few days and I don’t put much stock into things until given a reason. Its still a gamble at that point.

  2. If a dude asks me for my number and I want to hear from him I give it to him. If a guy is nice but I am just not into him, I tell him to give me his (and I’ll text him later.) If he is douche-y or just rude I tell him to fuck off.

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