A Promise to the Men…

Regular readers know I’m the queen of the bad pick up line.

(Don’t believe me? Try to top THIS)

So, I’ve decided to make a promise to all you men (and women):

From now on, if you step to me, or I see you step to a woman incorrectly, I’m gonna help you. Right then and there. I’m not going to just give my 20/20 hindsight in a post. I’m going to comment on it right there, in the moment.

What inspired me? An exchange I just had:

Walking along Queen West, I passed a young man sitting on top of a newspaper box having a smoke. As I passed he yelled out, “yo sweetness! Lemme holla at you for a minute!”

I, of course kept walking.

Standing at the red light gave me time to reflect. You see, my usual M.O. is to stockpile these examples and then write a post. But, since I wasn’t in a rush, I walked back to him…

Me: “did you just holla at me 30 seconds ago?”

Him: (still sitting on the box) “yeah, I wanna talk to you…”

Me: “okay. The next time you want to talk to a woman, you’re gonna get off the fucking box, not yell at her, and approach her properly…”

He attempted to correct himself, but screwed up yet again by asking “what’s your background?” before even asking my name.

(It’s a personal pet peeve, that question. I despise it. It’s pretty fucking obvious. So don’t ask. People who ask me that question too soon after meeting me are immediately categorized as “useless”.)

I left him with something that I think will help him in the future…the link to this site.

I tweeted this a few days ago: I’ve been hearing stories, and I’m not impressed.

Consider this promise fair warning.



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