Steak vs. Hamburger. Discuss:

Paul Newman was the Brad Pitt of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Women would do strange and dirty things to him. My mother, who didn’t always believe in interracial dating, and still wouldn’t check for a White man,  has Paul Newman in her holy trinity of hot White men*. THIS, this is how much coochie Paul Newman could (and probably still can) pull.

When asked if he ever considered cheating on his wife Joanne Woodward, a woman he was married to for 50 years, he said:

Why go out for a hamburger when you have steak at home?

I tweeted this. It got a few retweets and two very interesting responses.

He said: 

She said: 



So, folks. What’s the deal?

Steak or Hamburger?


*Oh because I know you’ll ask. The other two White guys on my mother’s list: Clive Owen and Simon Baker. I personally do not see the appeal in Paul Newman or Simon Baker. But the lust I have for Clive Owen is proof that I’m my mother’s child.


One thought on “Steak vs. Hamburger. Discuss:

  1. Its the idea that a high quality “meal” will satisfy you equally everyday no matter what vs the desire for variety every so often even if its a drop in overall quality. Both these tweets support the idea that if it’s going to be “steak” every night you better have something else to serve with it and differing ways to cook it up. Cuz while cheating is not something I endorse I will agree that the same of idea gets boring.

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