(Re) Introducing the 3AM Girls

3AM Girls…

It was (and is) the catch all phrase I would use to describe the girls who couldn’t hold their shit together in the club. For guys on the prowl, a 3AM Girl is easy pickings; essentially low hanging fruit.

If a relatively sober woman finds herself leaving the club after last call, she will be approached by these guys who think they have a chance. They wait outside the club, near parking lots, and approach you at your table in 24 hour diners/restaurants. They wait in hope that every girl they see is a 3AM Girl…

A 3AM Girl can be described as “ratchet”, “slack”, “busted” and my personal favourite, “unfortunate”.

You’ve seen them in the club behaving in ways that could cost them jobs should anyone see the photo on Facebook. You’ve seen them on New Year’s Eve (oh yeah: 3AM girls on NYE >>>>>>>>>>>3AM Girls on Halloween).

So, way back in 2009 (when I first joined Twitter? Whoa) I would refer to #3amgirls. With friends and tweeps, it caught on. So I created a twitter account to chronicle their adventures. Then someone said, “you should define it on UrbanDictionary.com”, so I did.

Then someone said “you should buy the domain…” But it was purchased.

In talking with a lovely gentleman friend last week, I referenced our mutual distaste of the 3AM Girls (as the head of a security team, he sees a lot of them), he repeated the suggestion of creating the site. I told him that the domain was taken. He whipped out his phone, looked it up on whois, and smiled.

“It’s available.”


We know what you did last night…

If you’ve submitted a pic over the last few years, I dug through my social media archives and added it here (crediting along the way of course).

Hey, if you see a 3am girl and want to submit her photo…there’s a link for that too.

Each month, I’ll review the photos and pick one that is matches the 3AM criteria and crown a Certified 3AM Girl. The first crowning will be done in September…AFTER Labour Day weekend!



3 thoughts on “(Re) Introducing the 3AM Girls

  1. LMAO!!! damn…….ok I have to ask. As you clearly have no love for the “3am girl” have you ever at any time in life been that girl?

    *Proceeds to check out your new site*

    • Every person has had a #3am moment… myself included. One birthday, I made good on a promise made a year earlier to dance on the bar of my favourite spot. And I did. Many people thought it was a drunken and spontaneous thing, but when I pointed out that before dancing, I changed from a dress into jeans, carefully discarded my heels, and jumped down after that…well… they did the math and realized the truth. Premeditated.

      But a 3AM Girl is like this all the time. They don’t know how to control themselves.

      As a reformed club girl, I saw way more 3AM behaviour than I participated in. LOL

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