Was this a Wingman or an Asshole?

Standing at the bar, a hand “accidentally” grazes my ass. I turn and give an arched brow.

Him: So sorry! I didn’t mean to…sorry!

Me: (gives a curt nod) Cool

Wingman: (to him) what happened?

Him: (to wingman) I accidentally touched her ass.

Wingman: Yo! I would’ve smacked that! Whatever (downs shot)

Me: (stares in open-mouthed shock that the fucker would say that loud enough for me to hear him)

Him: I’m sorry. He’s drunk. Like, I didn’t mean to…

Wingman: yo, fuck that bitch… (stumbles off)

Dude from Friday can never wear this t-shirt
Source: Backyard Tees

Him: …listen. Let me buy you a drink to apologize for both myself and my friend. I don’t think he realized you could hear him…


Turns out I may have to work with Him in the future. Which is why I avoided being charged with assault on Friday. At the end of that conversation, I bid adieu to my client and left…


6 thoughts on “Was this a Wingman or an Asshole?

      • Alright just peeped the Brooklyn story. I dont really think its a wingman thing I mean I guess it could be a wing man situation if he stayed and got your info…..although it would go down as one of the most extreme and risky plans Ive ever seen.

        *Sidenote* Why did every women I spoke to during Caribana ask if I was from Brooklyn. Is that the only area of NY folk know? I mean I knew they wouldn’t have a clue what New Rochelle is but damn ata least say the Bronx once or twice. lol

      • RE: Brooklyn questions during Caribana.
        Blame Sean Carter. 😉

        Seriously, hip hop put Brooklyn on the map. Just like how some Americans think we live in igloos and that it’s always cold up here (side eye), many Canadians think Brooklyn = NYC. Personally, I’m partial to a Queen’s accent myself. (word to Russell Simmons)

  1. LOL igloos and eternal cold. Touche’ you got me there……wait, a Queens accent? Outside of “Dunn” language which was yrs ago Ive never heard of a Queens accent. lol

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