“You can be happy and still be tempted…”



6 thoughts on “Discuss

  1. Happiness isn’t perfection so the is always room for temptation. Temptation is merely being presented with a seemingly pleasurable outside option. The issue is if you succumb to it.

    As for this trailer, I wonder if the married pair are truly happy or just content.

  2. How much time you got?!?

    I’m on the fence about this to be honest. I’m reaching into the depths of my previous relationships and wondering if I’ve ever been completely happy only because I can’t recall a time when there was some sort of temptation.

    During the few, most intensely “happy” years of my married life, there were a couple of temptations. None of which I fell into of course, because, at the tender age of 21, I wanted the “perfect marriage” and would do anything to make it work so I turned a blind eye. In retrospect, however, was I really “happy” or was I just “content”? I’d say the latter.

    Fast-forward to current events and Ima just say I’m a sucker for temptation and I WILL succumb. Then again, I’m also single so……you feel me?

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