Apparently, “DATE” is a Four Letter Word…

This weekend, I could have…maybe…possibly…sort of…

Gone out on a date.

You see, this is how it goes: a man tells you that you’re pretty – no, actually the word used was “beautiful” – funny, smart, blah blah blah. Then says…

“we should hang out sometime”.


Now kiddies, I’m relatively new to dating. In the past, I’ve been a friend with a guy and it segued into a relationship; meaning I only started dating in my 30s. So, when a guy suggests to me that we should “hang out”…


Turns out, I’m not alone. To every WOMAN I’ve asked this of, I get a head nod, a few “yes, girl…” and occasionally an enthusiastic “PREACH”. But when I address this issue with men, I get…

“it’s the new millennium…”

“isn’t that what a date is? Two people hanging out?”

“why is it so important that it be called a ‘date’?”

(sighs deeply)



(the next sentence has been written with my full Toronto accent)

Because in the last five years, I’ve been out on TWO dates! TWO MOTHERFUCKING DATES GUY! I’ve “hung out” ‘nuff times…but an actual DATE? (kiss teeth). Yo, there is an obvious disconnect here.

(takes another deep breath and reverts to the HLBB tone)

Seriously? Is it that hard?  You find a woman attractive, both physically and mentally. Enough to ask her out…to spend time with her without an entourage or chaperone…maybe enough to try and get laid after.

But, yeah…

I’m going to put this post in my voice, but I’m paraphrasing a LOT of conversations I’ve been having on this topic.

WOMEN hang out with friends…

WOMEN hang out with family members (i.e. “I’m hanging out with my cousin)…

WOMEN hang out with their kids (“mommy/daughter day! Just hanging out!”)…

WOMEN hang out with coworkers and catch a few drinks on a patio…

WOMEN hang out on GOOGLE+ in group chats! Yeah, Google calls it a “hangout”…


Guys: “well, HLBB, if she considers it ‘a date’ then let her act that way! Why the hang ups about two words?”

Here are two more words for you: Bull. Shit.

(yes English majors, I know that’s one word. I’m making a point here)

You need to man the fuck up and use your words. Women are not asking for a lifetime commitment when you ask them for that first date. They’re asking you to commit to an activity…on a set day…at a set time…that takes place over a few hours…that involves one to one interaction…possibly some conversation. Hell, you may even get laid. That’s right darling boys. Sex happens on those things called “dates”.

Now, if that’s not enough incentive for you, let’s try to get to the root of your problem.

Why are women “hung up” on the word “date”?

It’s a sign…that you see us as more than “friend” or “one night stand material” (if it ends up being that way, oh well, losses cut). That the idea of the two of you going to a movie, lunch, or even to get ice cream, was NOT just an afterthought…it shows that you actually GAVE it some thought.

The scenario: You meet. You exchange numbers/PINS/emails. You text back and forth…you flirt a little…you find out that like you, she likes chilling on patios and watching people walk by. You say…

“We should make a date of it. Compare observations. What’s your favourite patio?”

BOOM! See how easy that was? No big planning efforts. No agonizing over whether to see that movie or not. You know she’s going to like the activity because SHE JUST SAID SHE LIKES DOING IT.

But instead you THINK to yourself that it’s cool she likes to do the exact same thing as you, and say,

“Cool. Maybe we should hang out sometime…”


When I write it out for you, do you see the difference? Do I have to draw an infographic? Has it come to that point? Have you ever wondered why that HOT girl put you in the friend zone? Well, scroll back up a bit…

WHO do women hang out with?


This is your challenge for the rest of the month. The next woman you want to hang out with, I dare you. I double dare you. I TRIPLE dare you, to replace the words “hang out” with “a date”. I want you to see the difference in the response you get. Note the intonation. The level of enthusiasm. The wardrobe choices when you see her… then come back and we’ll compare notes.

Let’s make a date of it. I’ll check in with you on July 31.

(ETA – no one. Not one person stood up and said that they asked a woman on a date…) 

xoxo, HLBB

p.s. to those who wondered…I decided 10 minutes in that it was most definitely NOT a date. And we’ll only be hanging out occasionally….


12 thoughts on “Apparently, “DATE” is a Four Letter Word…

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t want to call it a date because of the connotations it brings. Both people feel like they are presenting their best side, maybe even impress or “click” with the other person. If two people are just “hanging out,” it’s easy to raise up the sexual tension without making the occasion too formal.
    An added bonus: if it turns out you guys don’t want to go any further, the bond between you can easily shift into a comfortable friendship without much awkwardness or effort.

  2. Hanging out is just that – hanging out .. and a Date is a DATE !! I cannot for the life of me understand why a man who is clearly interested in a woman not just use the words ‘its a date’ when making a plan of something. It makes it so clear to the woman that he’s interested in her in more than just a friend sorta way !!

    How has ‘dating’ become so difficult !!

  3. In Truth there is many a woman that would run from the word “Date” too as they think the guy is “crazy” and trying to lock her down quick if the feelings are mutual. Maybe its just semantics……

    • Sure, it might be semantics, but I’m going to have to take your word for it, because I’ve yet to meet a woman who thought a guy crazy for asking her on a “date”.

      • I will say this. I like how you presented the “date” in such a realistic manner. Mutual personalities vibin’ and some degree of physical attraction with the possibility of anything happening. I could live with that personally.

      • Because that’s all a date really is! The women I’ve spoken to (plus myself) agree, we’re not looking for some romantic comedy version of a date…yeah those are fun, but that’s for the movies.

        We just want to know that when you want to “hang out” with us, it’s for a purpose; we can hang out with our friends any time.

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