We Need to Talk

Still up for grabs.

(yup, the most dreaded sentence known to man…)

 So…. let’s talk.

Last night was Come and Talk to Me 2 and well…


No. One. Talked.

The men who said they’d be there, who said with great bravado that they would win. That they were the most cunning of linguists…

Didn’t even show up.

The ladies showed, the judges showed, I showed.

Still searching for that cunning linguist.

Was it timing? Was it the heat? I don’t know, because last year, you came out. On Sunday, I hosted an event called Battle of the Sexes. One of the topics was Toronto stereotypes. One example given was that Toronto men are wack; that they have no game; that when Yankees or Montrealers come to town, that they have the women at “hello”.

I stood in front of that audience with full confidence and said “ah visitors are cool, but I LOVE my Toronto men…”

Then last night happened…


Now, a couple of guys showed up (but to observe, not to compete), and instead of Come and Talk to Me, we just talked. We shared stories. Asked each other questions. If you followed me on Twitter last night, you got snippets of this lively, dirty, and enlightening conversation. I’ll be honest: I thought I was running out of things to write about, but last night showed me that there is still so much to say.

So after about 30 minutes, I wiped the egg off my face, and said “screw it”. Ignored the mic and paid attention to the conversation around me. It was amazing, it’s the kind you didn’t want to miss…it’s the kind that built this blog.

But darlings… There are going to be a ton of women who are going to read this and say, “SEE? HLBB we told you these guys stay losing! They’ll never talk to us…they’ll just stare from across the room and never say a damn thing.” Or as one hilarious woman put it last night, you’ll be, “a restraining order waiting to happen.”

But this isn’t Toronto men, right? They don’t all want to stare, or just try their best lines in private. Right?


I’m going to be an idealist. I’m going to continue searching. I’ll keep the certificate on my desk, and in a few months, we’ll go back to Saviari (which has an amazing drink menu…the most creative in the city) and we’ll put the mic up.

May the best man speak…



4 thoughts on “We Need to Talk

  1. I wish I could have been there! Your events are critically acclaimed, but it literally shows the underbelly of male culture in Toronto. They talk a mean game, but under pressure they fold & crinkle like tissue paper. Toronto women are some of the classiest, finest, most educated in North America. I travelled enough to say this. The men however…..meh. Unimpressed.

  2. I really love the work you are doing for the dating men and women in Toronto HLBB and quite frankly, for smart, thinking folks in general. No need for egg on your face. Sounds like the evening was even more illuminating than you anticipated.

    • *wink*

      Oh yeah. Learned lots. Loved it for what it turned into for sure.

      But I’m going to keep looking for the man who can make that conversation happen…

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