Looking for a few good…Conversationalists

Over the weekend, I had two guys drop out of Come and Talk to Me…. which happens to be this WEDNESDAY

Excuse? Reason?

Well one cited a family commitment, and the other…he said:

“I do my best talking in private…”

(If I arched my brow any higher, people would think that I had a bad Botox injection like a Real Housewife of Nowhere.)


Okay, so I think some of you are missing the point. Come and Talk to Me isn’t about picking up women. That’s not the goal. It’s to talk to them. To CONVERSE (NOT CONVERSATE) with them. A gifted conversationalist can talk to a room full of people and make each one feel like they’re the only person they’re talking to.

A gifted conversationalist will single out one woman to talk to and engage her.  While the others watch in admiration and….dare I say it? Mild jealousy. Jealous because she is being treated to the gift of conversation; a gift that many women are telling me is in short supply here in this city.

Really? Your best talk is in private? Or your best lines?

Anyone can drop a line or two. A conversationalist can talk in full sentences.

Anyone can prattle on about insignificant things. A conversationalist can tell you a story.

Anyone can say forgettable shit. A conversationalist says stuff that people remember.

So, if you want to drop your best lines – in private – then do what you have to do darling boy.

We’re looking for men we can have a conversation with… who feels they’re ready to take his place?

Email me (email talktome@herlilblackbook.com)

Show up at Saviari Tea and Cocktail Lounge (they have tea, and cocktails, and it’s purple and decadent looking…it’s like the inside of my mind)

Show up at 8:30… there will be a VIP area for all participants (the hostess is lovely…see? I hooked you guys up this year)

See you on Thursday.

p.s. this past Sunday, I was the MC for Goddess Intellect’s Battle of the Sexes. When it came to the topic of stereotypes, one was that men use “psssst’ as an opening pick up line. Not ONE man in the room admitted to doing this, but all the ladies had experienced it at one point or another.  Hmmmm. Mystery. 


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