Come and Talk to Me II – Meet the Judges!

Meet your judges…

Last year, this was my favourite part of Come and Talk to Me… the judging panel. While it’s the ladies in the audience who crown the winner, it’s the judges who give insightful, funny, and most of all…HONEST feedback.

Want to know if your verbal game is on point? Then look no further than:

Max Fab (returning judge) – Max of says what I think…most of her posts feel like they come from the inside of my brain… and best of all, this woman can talk nasty with the best of them. She could make Ron Jeremy blush. If you’re looking to aurally seduce a woman, Max will let you know if you’re hitting the right spot.

How to woo Max: hip hop, fresh kicks, and…size does count (the bigger the words you use, the better)

Skye Blue (returning judge) – Skye of has yet to meet a cunning linguist she didn’t like. Spark her mentally and you’ll set off a chain reaction. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to Skye’s is through her imagination. From politics to smut, you best have all your bases covered when it comes to conversing with Skye.

How to woo Skye: good, honest, communication. You’ve got something say? Say it. Use the words that will get you to your point. No mindless chatter.

Goddess Intellect (NEW JUDGE) G.I. tells both men and women like it is. She examines sex, love, and relationships on her blog But, she also assembles a regular panel of relationship writers to discuss various issues in the popular “Battle of the Sexes” series… yup, she us duking it out in public!

How to woo GI: talk it out. Ask questions. Don’t try to have all the answers. She (like many women) know that it’s important to have a dialogue…you can’t talk to yourself when you’re in a relationship. Try it…see what happens.

Now, of course I’ll be there to be a sounding board, provide snark, and goad some of you shy observers to the get up on the mic.

So who’s willing to woo one of the judges?

Come and Talk to Me II
Saviari Tea + Cocktail Lounge 926 King Street West

Cocktails and conversation…the perfect combination.


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