The Fear of Commitment…


Been a little busy, but I’m going to try and handle a big topic over the next few posts. The title of this one says it all.

Now, I won’t be bashing. Trust, the fear of commitment is not just a man thing. Say the word “wife” to me, and I reach for the Benadryl and the asthma inhaler. But we’re not here to discuss my issues…

What these posts will attempt to explain is why women ask for it, the different ways commitment is viewed, and to ask you guys what is it that makes you commit?

Scared yet? You shouldn’t be.

A reminder: I have a few slots available for Come and Talk to Me 2 on June 27… hit me up if you are willing to woo some ladies

To kick things off…

Got this link from my girl Iz, an editor here in the city.



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