Some Help Please…


I’m conflicted.

Act Like a Lady…Think Like a Man won the box office this weekend. I received about 4 invites to go see it and turned them all down. But now I’ve been asked my opinion on the subject and the points raised in the book and the movie.

When Steve first came out with the book, my reaction to it was, “oh hell naw…” Much like He’s Just Not That Into You, Act Like a Lady provides relationship and dating advice from a man’s perspective. Much like this blog provides advice from a woman’s perspective. My hell’s naw reaction was because advice seemed (to me) patronizing and somewhat childish. The feminist in me had issue with such “sage” advice as the 90-day rule, making the kitchen my friend, and that I’m to wait for a man to open my car door or pull out my chair.

But, I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m not the most ladylike woman in the world.

Also, I’ll admit that there were a couple of points in the book that I agreed with; but these points were gleaned from interviews with Harvey, since I’ve not read the book. For instance, he states that women underestimate men’s desire to feel “needed”. But even that I took with a grain of salt, since I don’t know the context of that statement.

I’m also conflicted because (in case you didn’t know) I’m a Black woman who wants to support Black films. Which is hard, because when I wanted to see Red Tails, it was gone by the time I walked from my house to the theatre 5 minutes away…



I know that some of YOU have seen it. So, can you convince me this is a movie worth seeing?


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