The Coochie Block – Conclusion

So far, I’ve met this guy. My “wingwoman” is encouraging me to go for it. Even though she’s been talking to him. Apparently, we’ve met a douchebag that is trying to play us both. But she’s keeping him in her back pocket, if things don’t work out between her and her recent ex…

Part 1 – the set up

Part 2 – the bait and switch

Let’s end this, shall we?


S and I? We never spoke of Hotness again. Or, I tried to.

I had no idea what was running through this guy’s head and I wasn’t about to try and go beyond the obvious. This guy was NOT interested in me.

But S?

She’d talk about how she was keeping him around until she decided what do about her Ex. That, despite her initial misgivings, he was a good guy and that she didn’t want him to let him loose just yet. She came to me for advice, feedback, discretion.

She was sorry that things didn’t really work out between us and she told me how she even asked Hotness why he chose her over me. He explained that I was a cool chick; the kind that he could talk to and shoot pool with. She was the kind of woman he wanted to wine and dine.

Yes. She told me this. She told me how she asked him and told me what the response was. She wasn’t telling me anything that I didn’t already know, but she just had to drive the point home.

I just wasn’t good enough, for him.

But…that guy we met the night before who asked for my number? Even though she was dancing with her first and he completely forgot her once I showed up, she thought we would be a GREAT match…

Fool me once.

I stopped speaking to S.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Hotness never got a chance with S. About a month later, S officially reunited with her Ex and was seen wearing that rock of a ring in public. He had remained in her back pocket. Eventually, he stopped asking about her when we spoke. Now, she’s never mentioned.

Yup. I still occasionally speak to Hotness, because he is actually a cool dude; we’ve never gone to play pool though.

That’s the coochie block darlings. It’s elaborate, it’s involved, it’s covert. Now, why go through all this drama when a woman can basically say “I’m a better choice than her!”? I dunno. I’ve heard many other examples of the coochie block from women; stories of elaborate smear campaigns (against the guy), “failed” setups (which were destined for failure), and forced competitions.

Is it insecurity? That’s what I determined for S. She was insecure about the relationship she was in; she constantly expressed doubts. The boyfriend was, in my estimation, a twit. With Hotness and I, she had the upper hand and called all the shots. It was a great ego boost I’m sure.

Ladies: ever get your coochie blocked? What did you do?

Oh yeah, guys…the knock down drag out cat fights you imagine (read: fantasize) about? This is how it really happens.

p.s. – as I working on this post, a new peer-to-peer service, Hookt, informed me that S had joined. The program goes through you address book and automatically adds contacts. I keep numbers of people I don’t speak to so that I can ignore calls. I was genuinely surprised she still had my number. I’m sure she still has Hotness’ number too. I blocked her.


3 thoughts on “The Coochie Block – Conclusion

  1. “So I met this guy…..” …..In fishing for a husband, girls, it is very important to distinguish between a nibble and a bite

    • Expand on that please…

      (by the way, none of her choices or suggestions were good ones. I can attribute two of my worst dates to her “assistance”)

      • I was simply putting what he did-as you desribed into this old quote from a ladies guide to courting – you said it, he wasn’t all that into you (the nibble) and he was into her (the bite) thats what you pointed out and I felt this old saying applied dead on and that you recognized it right away.

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