How About We… Take This Into Real Life?

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Okay. I’ve written before about the perils of online dating

Those who have been here since day one know that there were once video posts on this site featuring women’s opinions about all the topics I write about.  But I kinda fell off that.

Uhm, just so you know, I would love to get back into that though… so much so, that I’ve put myself out there and – gasp! – created a video post of my own.

I did the post because I got an invite from the folks at to try out their service. My first response was “pffft”, until I saw the commercial. They feel that the online part of dating can only go so far. Real chemistry happens offline. This I agree with 100%

I agreed so much, I did a bit of rant:

So here’s the deal darlings: I’m on the quest to figure out chemistry. Because, well…I’m crazy, yes.

But you know what’s better than trying to figure it out? Hearing YOUR thoughts on the subject.

First of all. Grab a camera. Then, go here

Now, you can either look at the other responses, or see if you have a better example to give. If you don’t want to respond, you can just vote for one of the other examples listed (*cough*vote for me*cough*).

Now, go here and sign up for a subscription. Use the code “vdaylove” and get 33% off any subscription (yes, honeys…I bring the discounts).

Here’s the thing: chemistry cannot be calculated in an algorithm. It can’t be quantified or figured out. Chemistry is something that just happens. You can’t hide behind a screen and hope that it comes to you. You can’t manufacture it. But you do have to go out to find out if it’s real..

So, stop reading my blog…

Seriously. Stop (for the moment, come back when I’ve written a new post though).

Go out there. Take a chance. If they seem like a “match” online, then take it offline and see if there’s a connection. That’s the way this dating thing really works.

Then, come back and tell me  – or better yet, tell – what chemistry offline means to you. You learn something about yourself and can possibly win some cash. You may even find someone you click with…

It’s a win-win-win situation.

Go ahead. Try it.



2 thoughts on “How About We… Take This Into Real Life?

  1. Truth is women do all the dates. Blind dates,online daters, friend dates,naughty dates,birth dates,sneaky dates,club dates,phone dates,so who cares we know women will do any date because men are your biggest challenge so have a good day slow down on the dates an make useful of your time chase god stop time waste on dates.^^^.

    • Seriously. I think there is a criticism in here somewhere. I’m just not understanding it.
      Is dating frowned upon by god? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m not religious, so when you say “chase god, stop time waste on dates” (which I think means stop wasting time dating), I’m trying to figure out what you mean.

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