Tell me what happened “The Night Before”…

“What happened last night?”


So often, conversations the morning after are about what happened the night before. Which got the team (Skye, Elizabeth, Sam) and I talking… Which (of course) got me curious.

I mean, we do write about the situations that normally occur the night before. What lead to situation? What could’ve been changed? What made it perfect? What happened next?

I want to see what happens…I want to see what you do, how you react, and what you make of your night/Now, I’m not trying to tempt fate or control the outcome. I just want to set up an environment that you can make yours. Pass through, have a little fun, hear some good music and let the night take you where it will…

Then, maybe we can talk about it the next morning…yes?



569 College Street, Toronto

ON  M5A 1G6


August 19 / 10 pm until you decide to leave or get kicked out…


DJ Kariz


No darlings…why would we do that? Spend your money at the bar instead.



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