“A woman who takes care of a man? That nurturing quality becomes a powerful aphrodisiac. It’s why men cheat with their nannies; their secretaries; the women who are more sexually adventurous than their current partners.

She’s the person in your life that is constantly makes you feel better, do better and look better…no criticisms, no arguments…why wouldn’t you fall for her?”



One thought on “Discuss:

  1. This is partly true. I don’t know how widespread the notion is for it to be a valid generalization. Everyman wants that type of woman in his life, I don’t know if I believe he wants her to be the #1 woman in his life though. She’s a nice fantasy that is actually possible to indulge in. A lot of men fall for her, but a lot of men also get bored with her once the reality of it sets in. I’ll ruminate on this further.

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