Size Does(n’t) Matter

Okay. It does a little…

To some degree…


Kinda….but not really.

I was invited a few weeks back to take part in Met Another Frog’s first podcast, which covered this topic.  Prior to the recording session, I of course wanted to bring a few other opinions to the table, and some of those opinions and stories stuck with me.

Should I share?

Okay. I will.

First, to get an understanding of how we view your penis, you should know a few things about vaginas (if you don’t already):

  1. The average penis has about 4000 nerve endings. The vagina? About 8000
  2. Because most of our sexual organs are internal, you may not realize that the clitoris is about 12 centimeters long (4 inches) and only one-fifth is visible.
  3. The clitoris is made of the same erectile tissue as a penis, has a penis-like shaft, and a tiny glans with its own foreskin.

(I’m sounding very Dr. Ruth here aren’t I?).

I know you think that the vagina is this wonderful magical place designed to give you pleasure (and where babies come from) but the vagina is a muscle.

Yes, a muscle…one that has the ability to stretch, contract and adapt…to any size.

If you’re doing the math, you realize that there are about 2000 nerve endings in every inch of clitoris. This is before you’ve even gotten inside the vagina. As your penis goes deeper, you are hitting about another 4000 to 6000 nerve endings.

That’s a lot of sensations…are you realizing the implications here?

I mean, let’s be reasonable darlings…if a 4” Pocket Rocket can get a woman off, why can’t your 6.5” penis?

*(that’s the average size of an erect penis by the way)

I hear that comparisons are common in the bathrooms, locker rooms on camping trips, et cetera, et cetera, blah blah blah…and the worst comparison you can make is to the guys in porn. Think about it: how many breasts have you seen that size in life? So…what makes you think that every other dude out there is carrying 12 inches in between his pockets?

Enough apologizing for what you have, because the fact of the matter is this: a big dick isn’t enough. I’m not gonna lie, a big dick can be a good (great) thing, but all big dicks come with warning labels…

If that big dick chafes, then those 8000 nerve endings will hurt like a motherfucker. If the owner of said big dick has no foreplay skills, then those sugar walls aren’t opening up

If said big dick is ramming into her like a jackhammer, she runs the risk of a bladder infection. If she gets one of those, she’ll be cursing that big ol’ dick with every sip of cranberry juice she takes…

As for her getting stretched out because of previous partners (or Mr. Big Ol’ Dick)? Sigh. Again, the vagina is a muscle. With muscle memory.  Muscles can tear during childbirth as the baby’s head passes through, yes.

If there is a penis out there with the circumference of a baby’s head…I don’t know a single woman who would want that anywhere near her coochie.

Now, the realist in me knows that no matter what I write, there are still some of you who will feel self-conscious about your penis.  There is no magic potion that is going to make your penis bigger (no, the ads are lying, ignore those), BUT there are some sex moves that you can use to your advantage. It’s magic of a different kind… The Prestige for your penis if you will. So try one (or all) of these:

Deep Impact

Kneel by the side of the bed and have her lie on her back, resting her legs on your shoulders. From a kneeling position, enter. Make sure she is close to the edge of the bed, so you can fully penetrate her. This will allow you to thrust hard and have a deep penetration. Because her legs are straight out and closed, it will automatically feel tighter for you and fuller for her.

Doggie Style

There is a reason why “doggie” is a classic move. To Prestige it, have her place her head and shoulders on a pillow, while keeping her butt in the air. Have her arch her back and if possible, do it with her thighs drawn together. Then, lean forward while penetrating her. The arch also places more emphasis on the clitoris (remember: nerve endings) and tightens up the vaginal walls.

The Jockey

Have her lie on her stomach with her legs slightly spread open and arch her hips slightly upwards. Then get on top of her in a kneeling position with your legs astride and penetrate her while maintaining a sitting position.

X Marks the Spot

Have her lie on her back, placing a pillow under her head. She brings her knees up to her chest and crosses her legs at the ankles. Kneel in front of her with your legs together and rest her hips on your lap as you enter her. This is really really snug… hello!!

So now that I’m nearing my word limit, I’m hoping you come away with one of two things:

1)    Be it a dinghy or yacht, it really is the motion of the ocean and not the size of the boat.

2)    If you still think you have dinghy, then Prestige your penis with a few simple sex moves.

Oh, I guess one more thing: if all else fails…use your tongue. There are more nerve endings on your tongue than on your penis.



6 thoughts on “Size Does(n’t) Matter

  1. Outside of the woefully ignorant, I doubt many men genuinely believe that a woman’s vagina won’t ever go back to size once she’s been with the bigger man. The insecurity comes from that he won’t be able to satisfy her because she’s previously been with better endowed men. Blah, blah, blah, motion in the ocean and all that bullshit, let’s be honest: If all things are relatively equal as for as foreplay and non-jackhammering then she’s going to enjoy the bigger guy far more 99 times out of 100.

    I mean it is what it is. Pep talks and tips are nice but it doesn’t really change anything.

    • There are women who think this. Sadly. Yes. I’ve met them. Both the men and the women, who are reasonably intelligent in other areas link the perceived “looseness” to promiscuous behaviour rather than the reality: that it’s a developed muscle.

      Women prefer girth over length…and a lot of women told me they’ve met some big swinging dicks that didn’t do much else. The conceit is built in “I have a big dick, all I have to do is put it inside her and it’s good”.

      I’ll take a man with an average dick who can work it in as many ways possible over a big dick that tries to split me in half any day.

  2. Re: the comparisons in the bathroom? What’s the purpose of comparing dick sizes with another guy?
    It’s not like they are gonna steal my girlfriend/wife with their bigger penis?

    Frankly, the only time a man should question the size of another man’s penis is
    if he is in jail or he is in a relationship with another man.

    I’ve never understood that. Someone please explain.

    A co-worker of mine use to flaunt the fact he had a big dick, and said that everyone should stand in a circle and whip it out. I asked him why, is it because he was gonna get on his knees?

    • Y’know I’ve not understood the comparison thing either. It’s not like you can go out and get a bigger one!

      Unfortunately, a lot of self esteem has been linked to size as opposed to function (or should I say friction? heh) When I was speaking to other women about this, that was the universal response: “please tell guys that they need to learn how to work it and not just have it!”

  3. Being that I don’t have access to nor do I wish to conduct a survey on whether or not ‘mandingos’ actually have skill to match their size I will just take your word for it and stay happily rocking with 2 and 3/4 inches.

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