Being my friend has its benefits…

Here’s the deal darling boys and girls. I’m having a little conversation thingy on Thursday that I expect you to be at (you’ve read the tweets, right? RIGHT!?), but an opportunity has dropped into my lap that I just couldn’t pass up.

Now, the idea of having Justin Timberlake be my FWB tickles my fancy… (mmmm) and while I’m bitter that JT hasn’t released a song in what feels like forever, he has been burning up the big screen. So when my favourite movie blog  offered me tickets for a preview screening of FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS I snatched those passes up and did a little happy dance.

Then I saw the date…

June 23…
Fack. On June 23, I’m having a bunch of men Talk to Me and (hopefully) whisper sweet nothings (read: dirty things) in my ear all night.

And while I would normally break my rule about going north of Bloor to see JT with no clothes on, the idea of having a bunch of men whisper sweet nothings in my ear will win out every time. So darlings…this is where being my friend has its benefits (see what I did there?) I’m going to share my passes from Xavier Pop with you lovelies. So if you can’t make it downtown to Talk to Me, you can go uptown and take notes on how to be a good FWB.

This is all I ask:


You enter your chance to win one of my 5 double passes to see FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS this Thursday, June 23rd, 7:00PM @ SilverCity Yorkdale.

I’ll post the winners on Wednesday night…



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