Come and Talk to Me – Meet the Judges

I thought I’d introduce you to the panel now rather than surprise you on the night of…and I’m also giving you an assist, because now you can study their work, get inside their heads a little and effectively charm (seduce) the night of the event.

Skye Blue

She’s one of my favourite dirty girls in the blogsphere. She will tell you exactly what she’s thinking and will tell you at a speed just a little bit faster than light. She’ll read between your lines and never, ever think to pause before answering one of her questions – she’ll read between your lines and tell you what you weren’t telling her.

How to seduce Skye? Don’t break eye contact. Win her over with your smile. Come with something unexpected. Make sure you use all the dirty words…

Mizz Love Lippz

She loves love…but she also knows the beauty of a really. Good. Fuck. Have you read her scenarios? This woman makes me like the name Michael. Mizz L is a fantastic flirt from the old school of flirting and has a seriously sexy pair of eyes that actually glint when she’s thinking something dirty. I swear. I’ve seen it.

How to seduce Mizz L? Set her imagination off. Get her thinking about what she would want to do with your words…


This is Max’s world boys, you’re just living in it. She writes the things I think but I’m still to chicken to say. Max’s perspective is unique because it’s honest and hilarious at the same time. On any given day she will school you on hip hop and the next,  signature sex moves

What’s not to love? Oh yeah, she has half the brothas in the continental U.S. in lust with her (just read the comments on her posts).

How to seduce Max? You better know how to use your words. The woman is about the closet thing you can get to a walking dictionary. If you even think of dropping in a word out of context, she will ask you for the definition and the correct spelling on the spot.

Okay, so there you have it…if you haven’t registered yet, hit me up at

Did you hear? The team over at are taking this show on the road! Come and Talk to Me will also be held in London on July 28th, sponsored by  Sh! Women’s Store .

Can’t wait to hear what you have in store…


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