Come and Talk to Me…

A few weeks ago I issued a challenge: to approach a woman and just have a conversation with her.


As a woman who loves words, I really worry about some of you and your conversation skills. I also hear the stories (many, many stories) of awkward conversations, the texts instead of phone calls, and the lack of conversation topics period. Even after wracking my brains I could only bestow the title of “conversationalist” on two males. Two.

Personally, I have one major pet peeve when I hear some of you talk:  not all women are the same! So many of you talk to all women in the exact same way. Do you talk to your boys in the same way your talk to your (male) boss?  The guy at the gas station? Your accountant? I doubt it. I know so many of you who use the same cajoling flirty way to talk to all women: the one checking your groceries, the girl in the club, your dental hygienist, the girl your interested in. There’s a way to flirt and be that guy with DSS (check the glossary for a definition) but there’s also a way to talk to us on our level.

I get it. There’s that whole stereotype that men don’t like to talk. I’m not talking about a “let’s talk about our feelings” type of convo, I’m talking about using words to unlock her mental chastity belt. I’ve been struggling on how to advise you darling boys on this matter…provide suggestions. But it all came up short.

Until last night.

Last night, Mizz Love Lippz posted a link leading to this piece;  which triggered a conversation between us and Skye over at Met Another Frog. We’re writers, so of course we love books. Turns out, we get turned on by men who read books. The more you read, the better you are at speaking… Darlings, I’m thinking that if you learn how to turn a phrase, you can increase your chances of turning her out.

So we want to give you a chance. I’m going to pick a night in June, get a bunch of ladies there as your audience and have you read to us. Read anything: your own works…an excerpt from a book…lyrics to your favourite song…hell, you can even pull a woman up on stage and talk to her about the weather!

The idea is to engage us, intrigue us, and yes, turn us on.

I’m looking for 10 of you to come out and Talk to Me.

We (Skye, Savannah and myself) will provide you with feedback…the ladies in the audience will vote and we will declare one of you our favourite cunning linguist.

(Oh yes: we decided that you automatically get 10 points if you do it shirtless.)

So…darling boys…what say you?

DATE and LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED: follow any of us on Twitter for updates and details

@skyemetafrog      @hl_bb      @mizzlovelippz 


6 thoughts on “Come and Talk to Me…

    • I hate you Homee.
      (for those who don’t know, hearing the word “conversate” is the equivalent of hearing nails on a chalkboard…and Homee likes to torture me with the word)

  1. *sigh* I’m a very frequent reader (had more time for books as a teenager, but now I read far more articles). Never turned on a lady due to being a reader though.

    I’m actually pretty decent at talkin with people. Rather than feign interest in what they say though, I’ve learnt to ask the questions to get the person to talk about things in their life that I am interested in hearing about (I’ve got wide interests, so it normally isn’t hard).

    … occasionally some people have nothing interesting at all to say, but then again I know I must be a complete bore to them too so I call it a draw and move on.

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