Dating 2.0 Continued


A while back I started writing about Dating 2.0… I had all these plans to write how to date in the digital age. How Facebook is not eHarmony… blah blah blah. I pulled it…because it was wayyyyy too depressing. The stories I heard and even worse… the experiences I had since I had signed up for accounts and made myself the guinea pig.

Which was a very bad idea.


Like a resume, your online profile needs to be spell checked by another person. Too embarrassed to have anyone know you’re dating online (and really you shouldn’t…stats show 1 in 8 now meet online)?

Well, then send $9.99 via email transfer to and I will gladly pimp your profile for you.


*wall slide*


3 thoughts on “Dating 2.0 Continued

  1. Whoever wrote that should really read Noah Lukeman’s ‘A Dash of Style: The Art and Mastery of Punctuation’ because he’s sentence structure is atrocious. Granted, I’m often one for an overly ornate style of writing, but dude needs to learn how to interject some compound and complex sentences in there if he’s going to commit to writing something of length and substance. Or he needs to at least make sure each of those short sentences he’s writing pack some type of punch. That screen-cap has burnt my soul for the day.

  2. Are we allowed to write long responses? Because I have one right now. My grievances with this can extend beyond simply online dating though.

    Ignoring the many (many) grammatical issues that are embedded in this, there are two things that stick out to me the most when reading this. The first being ‘I am attracted to you physically’, which is an incredible no shit type of deal considering that’s largely the only thing you have to go on at first, assuming she didn’t write a great deal about herself in the ‘about me’ section.

    If she’s actually physically attractive, and I mean attractive in the general consensus type of way where even though you may not be my particular type I can still agree that she’s pretty pretty, telling her she is isn’t something new and doesn’t make you stand out from the pack. Moreover, even if she isn’t consensus pretty, you should try a little harder than just saying she is. What specifically about her makes her pretty? Please don’t be so general to say ‘her face’, the bare minimum for specificity should be something along the lines of her smile. Granted there are plenty of clever and invented ways to compliment a woman’s womanly features without sounding crass. Or crass in an off-putting way.

    Secondly, it’s also incredibly obvious that you want to converse with her more, that’s pretty much the point in dating. Unfortunately, he hasn’t said anything that has separated himself from the pack. And in the world of online dating, moreso than in real life, women are outnumbered by 50-1 in the best case scenarios. All that’s been said is that you find her ‘physically attractive’ (which is a terrible compliment, if you even want to call it that). There has been no demonstration of wit, unless the tenuous grasp of the English language is supposed to be ironic.

    Bonus annoyance: What is with the ‘I mean I mean’ part? You’re not James Joyce, William Faulkner or Ghostface Killah; the stream of consciousness writing is not necessary, so why are you stuttering?

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