The Breakup Checklist…

I’ve advised you darling boys on what to say when you break up with a girl…but I left out something that I realize is not second nature to a lot of you…

Have you seen Up in the Air with George Clooney? He plays a guy who fires people for a living. Without fail, he goes through a series of steps to ensure that the person has been properly “transitioned” out of their jobs and on with their lives.

I’ve had a couple of conversations recently that made me realize that when you guys are breaking up with girlfriends/FWBs/randoms, that y’all are missing a few steps.

I talk to you and you say “we’re through” but then I find out that she’s not done…and that it goes beyond just calling or emailing you non-stop (the things you ignore post breakup). I’m finding out that y’all still get hit up via BBM…that she’s stalking you via social media…and my favourite: you still have some of her shit (or vice versa)!

You’re leaving all these loose ends and…sigh. Let’s put it this way: if this was a person you had fired and you had left this many loose ends…you’d have a wrongful dismissal suit on your hands.

So darlings, in order to effectively “transition” a girl out of your life, I’ve made a handy checklist that you can use (over and over again).

Before you even protest or joke about it, let’s be honest – once March Madness is over, a bunch of you will be “transitioning” the Winter Wifey… uh huh.

(Yeah. You’re welcome.)


DOWNLOAD: The breakup checklist…


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