Why Women Want to Fuck Don Draper…

Long story short…I just started watching Mad Men, and while Don Draper is not a man I’d want to take to my bed, I’m beginning to see why women would.  Women also want to have sex with such men of fiction as John James Preston (aka “Mr. Big” of Sex and the City), Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl), Hank Moody (Californication) and my personal favourite, Ari Gold (Entourage).


They’re peacocks

(Chuck Bass…the guy you’d make a sex video with because you know the lighting will be perfect…)

To get attention, the male peacock will open his tail wide into a splendid fan and do a complex dance… it is believed that the female peacock chooses the mate with the most impressive tail (source).

This is how it works with females of the human variety.

From the pocket square to the overcoats…Chuck’s style is distinct and personal. Please note that I said style. Style is very personal…it doesn’t mean dressing like Chuck Bass…it does mean that you have to rock a look that is yours and is truly worn like a second skin. That sense of comfort shows in your body language and we respond to that. If sweatpants and Jordans are your thing, believe me honey there are lots of women who will pull on your drawstrings.

Dressing well and good grooming doesn’t cost a lot of money either. Go through your closet and try on lots of shit, throw out what doesn’t work and then go shopping. By the way: a true peacock actually enjoys shopping…they don’t brag about it…they don’t talk about how much it costs, where they got it from, and when they’re wearing it, they aren’t fishing for compliments…they’re wearing it because it feels right.

They wear their hearts (and dicks) on their sleeves…

(Hank Moody…the guy who goes down on a woman for an hour because he gets off on it…)

One of my trusted boys kinda reminds me of Hank Moody, and I think they get laid on the regular for the same fundamental reason: they adore women.

Yes I know honey, you adore women too. No. These guys ADORE women. They like how we dress, how we wear our hair, that we’re smart, that we’re mouthy, that we swear, that we sweat, that we get angry… AND, when they see one they want to bed, they don’t get sexual about it…they light up in delight.

These guys adore being in the company of women; their life entourage (close friend, sibling, work partner etc) is usually made up of females. Basically, if she smells good, he tells her, if she looks good, he tells her, if he wants to have sex with her…he tells her.

The age of political correctness has ruined it for you I know. How do you tell a woman she looks good or smells good without getting hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit? Leave out the innuendo. If you’re going to tell a woman that she smells good, do so because you want to tell her she smells good, not because you want to have sex with her.

If you don’t get the difference…email me and I’ll explain it in more detail.

They know their strengths and weaknesses

(Ari Gold…the kind of guy who has crazy sex…with his wife and no one else. )

Ari Gold is a bastard. Ari Gold knows he’s a bastard. Mrs. Ari knows her husband is a bastard. If you said the shit that sometimes comes out of his mouth, you would be considered a misogynistic bastard.

You cannot turn into Ari Gold overnight by getting a second cellphone and swearing like a motherfucking badass. In fact, if you aren’t already a motherfucking badass you shouldn’t even bother to attempt it.

One of Ari’s strengths is that he’s a master negotiator. He never starts to bargain without knowing what he wants and what he’ll give up for it. His weaknesses? Well that would be just about everything else. Yet Mrs. Ari stayed with him for many years…why? Because when he negotiated marriage, he put his weaknesses on the table; she knew what she was getting.

Find your strengths and play those up and admit your weaknesses…don’t hide them. Will it make you more endearing? Not really especially if you aren’t willing to work on them. It will make you more honest and honesty is a strength.

They know how to do it…big

(Mr. Big…the kind of man who will make love to you on a bed of rose petals…)

He showed up (late) for her birthday with a bouquet of balloons. He bought her a ticket to come see him in California (when he ducked out on her in NYC in the middle of the night). He flew across the Atlantic to get her back (after losing her to a more attentive man).

Yup. Go figure, this is why women love Big…because as much as he fucks up on the little things, the big gestures are really big. Find out what she loves and have that ready in case you fuck up.

They are the Alpha Male

(Don Draper…the kind of guy who will ride you hard and put you back wet…)

Don Draper has a serious drinking problem, cheats on his wife, and has a seriously shady past. From what I’ve seen so far, men want to be Don and women want to fuck him. He’s the undisputed leader…even when he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he does it in such a way that you have no choice but to be impressed by it.

But Don walks around like the kind of man who would throw a woman up against the wall and fuck her without getting a single hair of his out of place. Yeah, that’s his appeal: if he wants it, he’ll grab you in an embrace and take you…in a car…a bathroom stall…his office…

BUT he has to be in control. In all the episodes I’ve seen, he’s refused sex only once from a girl who was coming on to him. If the sex is not his idea, then he’s not having it. Don appeals the throwback tendencies of women; we know we’ll still get girl on top – but that’s because he put us there.

So which one of these guys are you? Uh… none. They’re fictional, they’re prototypes. You, my darling boys can most definitely adopt one or two of the character traits of any of the above men, but really you should work on defining you and your sexual profile…

(Yes, this was about sex…)


3 thoughts on “Why Women Want to Fuck Don Draper…

  1. Don Draper is a coward. Several times he has shirked his responsibilities, or life duties, in the pursuit of personal enjoyment or cowardice.

  2. Seems to me from your judgement a woman would have sex with any man,she the judge an you have to be in the right place at the right time married or not. On the other hand we don’t give a dam we just wanna get laid by different chicks all shapes an sizes an if u get turned down its not cuz we don’t want to but today ain’t your size day try back next week.

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