Dance With Me…

It was a long day, and finally the warehouse sale was over. After a bunch of ridiculous requests, last minute dramas, bullshit hours and worst of all, the shit music that we had been forced to play,we were finally, mercifully, done. The week hadn’t had any fun moments in at all; there was no time. The team had always joked that the warehouse would have been an awesome place to play hide and seek – in the dark (we’re talking over 10,000 square feet, tons of shelves and boxes to hide behind). But because of how successful we had been with the sale, we were too tired and never got the chance. At least we finally got to play music that we liked while we wrapped things up.

“Do you like Pulp Fiction?” he asked.

“No. Not a fan.”

“Soundtrack’s pretty awesome though. And there’s this one song that I love…”

“Yeah? Throw it on then…”

He started playing the soundtrack and there was one song that really stuck out…the kind of song I would imagine playing at last call in a bar. We continued filing reports as the soundtrack played in the background. Between us…silence. We just continued cataloguing, filing and generating reports. One by one, anyone else who had been working with us went home, and as it had been all week, we were the last to leave.

“Almost ready?”


He turned out the lights.

I started laughing and yelled into the dark, “who’s seeking who? Shouldn’t someone be counting to 100?”

No answer. Shit, the game was on. We ended up trying to find each other in the near pitch-blackness. Finally, I gave up and sat down on a box.

The song had come back on…

My heart is empty/Your eyes are dark/Once we were hungry/Now we are full…

He came over to the bench, looked down and me and held out his hand. I looked at him, confused. I mean I understood the gesture, but…

This was not him. He, so full of bravado, intelligence and what I now call DSS, just smiled at me. But even in the dark of the warehouse, I could tell that the smile was hesitant. It was flat out…shy. I could tell he was nervous. His hand was shaking a little, his breathing a little faster. Finally he took a deep breath, smiled a bit bigger and said,

“Dance with me.”

Not will “will you dance?” Not “can I have this dance?”  Just…“dance with me. “

These chains that bind us/Can’t beat these chains/If love is shelter/I’m gonna walk in the rain…

This was the first time I would truly slow danced with a man. Granted, I had danced/grinded at my share of junior high and high school dances and had extracted myself a few times from a guy’s clutches when the ugly lights came on in the club. But this…this was different… this was very different.

Away/There goes the fairy tale/Lord, ain’t it a shame?/In all this comfort/I can’t take the strain…

I put my hand in his and stood up. We started to dance, and then…

The song was over. Not letting go of my hand, he led me over to the stereo and put the song on repeat.

“Dance with me…”

The difference in height meant that my head fit perfectly in the nape of his neck. If I rested my head on his shoulder, I could feel his pulse. He put one hand on the small of my back, drawing me closer. The other hand still hadn’t let go. In fact, he locked his fingers in with mine and kept dancing.

You were my angel/Now, you are real/So like a stranger/Colder than steel/The morning after/You know what you bring

He smelled like aftershave, mint gum and something else that I have never been able to figure out…but it smelled good. He pulled me even closer, all by adding the tiniest bit of pressure to the small of my back. I finally realized the meaning of the phrase “melted into him…”

If we played even/I’d be your queen/But someone was cheatin’/And it wasn’t me…

The warehouse was freezing, but he was so warm. Even though we were moving in time to the song, his heart was racing…eventually mine picked up the pace to match his. I wanted to ask him what he was doing, why were we dancing in a freezing cold warehouse in the dark, at 11 at night, what was it about this song that he loved so much. I said nothing…I couldn’t form the words.


I tilted my head back and asked him to repeat what he said. He just smiled and kept dancing.

I’ve laid it on the table/You had something back/If love is Aces/Give me the Jack…

Finally, we stopped. The song had been playing for at least 30 minutes (I had counted the amount of times the song had played and stopped after the sixth time). He took a step back, and hit stop on the stereo. He still hadn’t let go of my hand.

We stood there facing each other in the dark…we were breathing heavily and holding our breath at the same time.

It was like we had just had sex.

He smiled…

Guys. Never underestimate the power of a slow dance.


5 thoughts on “Dance With Me…

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    • Honey, I was 19, he was 35…it was so damn sexy I can’t even articulate it properly after all these years. He taught me how to enjoy a slow dance, shoot whisky and negotiate a deal…sigh

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