The “I Fucked Up” Contest


So this year, you might’ve fucked up a little.

Said something stupid. Made a wrong move. Fought about something you can’t even remember now…but you know she remembers.

Have you made plans for New Year’s Eve?

Unlike Christmas, New Year’s is that opportunity for her to get all glammed up and party like a 3 AM Girl (minus the vomit of course, I hope). So, if you fucked up and need to make it up to her…

I might be able to help you out a little. You see, I spoke to the folks at behind Move 2011 and I can hook you up with a pair of tix to their NYE party.

All you need to do is use the comments section below. You just have to tell me HOW you fucked up this year and why you want to make it up to her. I’ll check back and the best “I fucked up” story received by December 27th will get the tix.

I won’t even tell her that you got ‘em for free.


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