Halloween, it’s the one time of year that all rational women get to express their inner 3AM Girl.

It’s probably because all costume options for women are “Slutty <fill in the blank here>”…

Okay, Ms. Magazine moment over. Let’s get to the point here.

I’m having a contest.

I love Halloween. I missed it last year because well, I was at the Jay-Z concert and this year, well, I’ve missed the boat. *pouts* So in my role as the constant observer, I have decided to have my own costume contest.

For 3AM Girls!*

The Girls are feeling a bit neglected, so it’s time for me to make their Twitter presence known. What better time of year than now?

The rules are simple:

  1. Follow the @3amgirls on Twitter
  2. Have a camera or camera phone
  3. Take a picture of the best 3AM Girl Costume – you can either be wearing it or see somewhere wearing it and take the pic.
  4. Tweet the picture to the @3AMGirls account – NOT the @hl_bb account.

The winner will receive a $20 Gift Card from iTunes to buy all the pole dancing, fist pumping 3AM Girl music you want to have on your playlist but can’t bring yourself to actually pay for it.

Your photo (with full photo credit of course) will be used as the NEW @3AM Girls avatar on Twitter and Facebook for the entire year!

(Oh, fine print: to be eligible, you must be a resident of Canada…sorry y’all. For my non-Canadian residents, you will receive honourable mentions – BIG SMILE)

All entries will be added to a photo gallery on the @3AM Girls page on Facebook.

Ready? Set…GO

*not clear on what a 3AM Girl is? Urban Dictionary Definition (as coined by us) or read the primer: HLBB Presents: The 3AM Girl


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