Pop Quiz: Interracial Dating

So, the post I wrote yesterday has people going “wow” – whether it was at my temper (which wasn’t even at full force, since I had hours to simmer down) or at Mr. Anonymous’ stupidity…

But it got me wondering…



4 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Interracial Dating

  1. Some people that say “I date people, not colors” are straight lying (or just picking the closest option to the truth).

    I bet ole boy from yesterday’s letter would choose that option. And he appeared to be interested in “trying something different” i.e. getting a stamp on his passport…it’s not that he came across a beautiful, charismatic black woman that piqued his interest, or EVEN that he admires the qualities of some of the black women that he’s come across. He wants to “try” black women out. e_O If that’s not dating colors I don’t know what is.

    Many a man wants to have a stamp from every country on their passport. #dirtymansecret

    • “stamp on his passport” hahahah. I like that.

      See? This is why I wanted to ask. My theory is if one guy asks, there’s 10 more who thought the same question…which is what got me wondering.

      How many people are looking at the person, vs. how many want to get their passport stamped?

      I have certain physical characteristics that I find attractive (strong jawline, nice arms, dimples, shaved heads, blah blah blah) that don’t have anything to do with race. Which is what I mean by “dating people and not colours”. This dude isn’t going to get any stamps on his passport; he’s just going to get bitch slapped by a bunch of Black women…

    • I don’t know how I feel about that.

      Men wanting a “stamp from every country” is merely an assumption. And as a male, I some what feel offended and puts out the cliche that men are dogs. If you strongly feel that people have a checklist of the race/colour they would date, it can go both ways, men and women. There shouldn’t be a double standard.

      People who are interested in a colour or race could be heavily exposed to the culture and therefore may be influenced. Their attraction could be for any reason really. Generalizing doesn’t help the situation.

      In the case of Mr. Anonymous, you’re right. It was just sheer ignorance lol. But he doesn’t represent all men and neither should his actions.

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