Dirty Sexy Swagger

“He could get it.”

If you’ve ever heard a woman utter that phrase about a man, that man possesses what I call “Dirty Sexy Swagger” (DSS). The DSS is like style, or the ability to sing, you are generally born with it, but if you put enough effort into it, it can be cultivated. If you were/are ever worried that some guy will take away your girl (or cockblock you), it is this man, the man with the DSS that will do it. But HE won’t have to a damn thing; it will be HER. The man with the DSS simply returns the affection given. Before I continue, let me clarify: the man with DSS isn’t always a player, but a player must possess that DSS in order to have an effective game.

The DSS Arsenal…

The DSS man has his own style. Whether he rocks a suit like he’s wearing sweatpants, or wears his tracksuit like it came from Brooks Brothers, it’s his comfort within his own skin that radiates through the clothes; that’s key factor #1. Key factor #2 is that the clothes are impeccable. If a man with DSS wears nothing but – wait, one more key factor: they NEVER talk about who it’s by or how much it costs; they know that we women already know this…

The DSS man studies women. He’s not stared at them for hours on end in a club (as some of you are known to do). He’s not obsessed over them with his boys over beer and wings to try and figure them out. He has sisters/cousins/best friends that he has paid attention to. He has listened to what they’ve said, and applied certain aspects to his romantic repertoire. But I’m not talking the flowers cards and candies shit; that’s child’s play. The man with DSS knows how to lean in for conversation without being rebuked, he knows what jokes to make and what compliments to give. He knows when to be silly and when to be serious. And he knows how much a smile can affect a woman when done right at the right time…

He’s smart. A man with DSS is skilled in the art of conversation and when he speaks it’s with an authoritativeness that comes from knowledge; if he doesn’t know it, he won’t speak on it. In fact, he’ll even say he doesn’t know about topic X, and deftly change the subject.

He NEVER brags. He has enough friends to extol his virtues for him, willingly because he’s a great friend. The kind of friend that helps you move; or that has your back in fight; or even happily plays wingman for you. He’s the kind of guy his sister calls for man advice. But he’s humble; the man with DSS genuinely thinks that he’s “just a guy”

He has a goofy/playful streak and it’s that twinkle in the eye that gets the girl every time. He could say “you’re looking lovely” and she’ll respond “yes, I’ll take off all my clothes for you right now”. It’s that underlying tone in his voice, that promise of something dirty and sexy.

He’s skilled at timing. He knows the best time of day to call for sex is not when he’s drunk at 2:30 in the morning, but closer to 5:30 in the evening. Instead of saying, “wanna slam?” he says things like, “I would really love to see you tonight…wearing only that perfume I love…”

He doesn’t pursue without purpose. He’s not a predator looking for fresh meat; he’s looking for something that will hold his interest – even if it’s just for one night.

He’s true to himself. Which means he rarely dates the supermodel type. Because he genuinely sees himself as that “average guy”, he’s interested in an average girl. Which means, your average girl (unless of course, you’re dating a supermodel) is within his sights. This is why George Clooney doesn’t date models…he dates waitresses.

Oh yeah, men with DSS tend to be older, but only because life + experience give him an advantage. Also, they get better with age… But, if someone knows a 20 year old with genuine DSS… lemme know. (please??)

The most important thing about the man with DSS? He ADORES women.

Not adores… ADORES. He thinks they are fascinating creatures worth studying over and over again. Which is why a man with DSS is rarely in a committed relationship; he can best be described as a commitment-phobe. But you’ll note that even his exes speak well of him!

He doesn’t see women as the opponent; there is no “battle of the sexes”…just great sex. As I said, he doesn’t try to figure women out; he knows that the mystery is one of the best parts. He doesn’t cling and he doesn’t push away. The man with DSS is a direct descendant of Don Juan; the women he leaves in his wake are grateful for the time they had with him… and the ones he hasn’t had yet? It’s because he hasn’t met them.

Famous men with DSS: Clooney, Brad Pitt (only as he ages) President Obama, Idris Elba, Lenny Kravitz, Johnny Depp, Tom Ford, Beckham, Denzel, Maxwell…

Ladies, these are the ones that came to mind…any other examples??


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