Announcement: We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog…

Hello darlings…

I’ve decided to take a bit of break for the next couple of weeks… nothing major. I just have this crazy little thing called “life” that needs my undivided attention right now…For those of you who read regularly, my new readers (hi!! I see you! *waves) or who interact with me on twitter, I’ll be a little scarce. But I will be back towards the end of the month with the continuation of the 12 women you meet in life series (hint: she’s likes something more than gold…) and a little something more for you.

Until then, browse through the archives as you might’ve missed something, such as: My love letter to men; what I think of Hoarders; my 8 Simple Tips for Cheating; how my girls and I got hit on by Lucifer; why I want to kick John Mayer’s ass or, just in case you need a refresher, how to spot a 3 a.m. girl…

For the guys who seek my advice,  I leave you with this: don’t fuck it up.




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