it’s true, women like men with really big…


I’m not talking romance. I’m talking compassion, passion and drive. Now I know you want to always come hard, have swagger and be the alpha male, but you can do that with heart. Women swoon when a man can either show compassion, be passionate about something, or show drive. You think I’m bull-shitting? Come out on January 28th, 2010 to Wet Bar where these fine DJs will be spinning for the We See You Haiti Fundraiser

….and the list goes on and on…(check back for updates)

Compassion is defined as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. You will see a lot of compassion over the coming days weeks and months – these guys were mobilized within 24 hours to do something. They answered the call, they said “when and where?” instead of “who and why?”.

Passion. These guys love what they do so much that they’ll do it for free. Yes, I said free. They aren’t collecting any payments or a cut of the door. The money you pay to hear what these all stars do best will be going directly to relief efforts in Haiti. The venue? Donated. Now, not only are they passionate about what they do, they’re passionate about this cause, so there will be no half-assed sets from these gentlemen. I’ve seen what they can do and trust me when I say you’d pay double to hear what they’re set to bring to the (turn)table…

Drive. Driven to be better, go longer, work harder. That’s what these guys do. They are driven by their craft, spend hours elevating it and for that they have fans, accolades and more…I’d also wager that very few of them are single…why? Not because of their bank accounts, swagger or hardness. But because of their compassion, passion and drive. This is how they show it…

How will you show yours?

If you want pointers, want to see how it turns a woman on when a man has a big heart? Then, I expect to see you at Wet Bar on January 28th for “L’Union Fait La Force” WE SEE YOU HAITI – I’ll be the one in the red, swooning in the front row…


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