her lil’ black book presents… Darling Nicky

For those who follow me on twitter, you know my partner in crime, my “wifey” (in a non-sexual, non-kissed a girl kind of way) is Relationship Blogger Darling Nicky .

While I write stuff n’ junk about dating and mating, SHE talks about relationships and the human condition. If you haven’t taken one of her quizzes, you should. The insights on her blog are like getting advice from an expert…because well, she is.

We at HLBB are sometimes accused of “man bashing” which is totally not true. This site was created to give you some “tough love”.

Now, Darling Nicky does not sugar coat, but her latest post “The Currency of A Man” is best described as a love letter to you guys.

If you haven’t inspired a woman to extole your virtues in this manner, then I suggest you continue reading her blog (along with this one of course), follow (and take) her quizzes and then, take a good long look at yourself.

Enjoy. Because this is probably my favourite post of hers to date…and I agree with every word.


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