Trey Songz – I Invented Sex

Guys, I want you to study this video.

Here’s your cheat sheet; write this down on the inside of your forearm if you must:
1 – anticipation (it’s just as fun for you)
2 – take your time (yes, take your damn time)
3 – foreplay (that lasts longer than 4 seconds)
4 – confidence (she will think YOU invented sex)
5 – switch it up (a lot)
6 – at the 2:13 mark, freeze frame the video…that’s ice. Just remember. Ice.

If she wasn’t going home with you before…she will now.

That is all. Goodnight.


2 thoughts on “Trey Songz – I Invented Sex

  1. LOL, honest to God this video… up there with the Usher – "Trading Places" video… you might want to add it up there as further research/reference.

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