Agree or Disagree?

I know what my opinions are on this but:

A little over 33 minutes is the average length of the average sex session, including foreplay.


Agree or Disagree? Post your responses below…


4 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree?

  1. depends on how hot and heavy it is. if you are both feeling the love/heat/passion, then i'd say longer. based on the trending topics on twitter, men and women who don't have to tell lies will probably have a longer, more enjoyable time together.

  2. Comments from Twitter: @MsPaigeMusic – @Nneka77 @originalamp @herlilblackbook I'm #jussayin I'm a lucky woman cuz 33 mins is def not the avg in my experience ❤ caribbean men 🙂 (me…lol- ouch!)@brazenninja – @herlilblackbook i disagree. i say longer. (me…whooohooo!)@dj_bass – @herlilblackbook I agree for any man over 30 with house and full time job and bills and life to live. Them 33 mins could be used to make $ (me…lololol. No wonder most of the men I've dated have been broke! Hahha j/k

  3. well it depends on how often you guys have sex as well.. 33 minutes or more I'm satified but sometimes quickie are good 🙂

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