Don’t Try This at Home…


So Pepsi came out with an app that supposedly helps you score with women. Done in jest to promote their AMP’d energy drink – it has become a the lastest viral “fail” – see for yourself:

First, someone comes out with a Girlfriend Manager (to which I still want to build my response: The Amazing Boyfriend Manager), and now this?

Guys, if you need a hand held device to score or keep a woman (or women in this case)… you need some confidence lessons. You need a date doctor. You need a wingwoman (I feel we’re better at it than wingmen)and if you still think a hand held is going to help you be a player, the only thing you’re going to be holding in your hand is your… (yeah, that)

p.s. I did download the Pepsi App…it’s actually funny (but in a in poor taste kind of way). The one type of woman it doesn’t have in all it’s profiles? A REAL ONE.


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