Twitter – Follow Friday

This was my Follow Friday list – if you didn’t make it, it’s because I need to save something for next week…xoxox

@focuseddiva – hilarious…sneaky and when she’s on after 11 p.m. a little bit naughty

@darlingnicky999 – real, honest and hilarious

@heyhomee – he’s a little bit odd…okay, he’s a lot odd….

@nebbyneb – have you read “The Segment”? yeah you should

@maxfab – her blog is required daily reading…she writes what I think (she’s psychic)

@bennybing – WARNING: not for the faint of heart or the stupid

@firstladyd – doing big things…and still has time to tweet

@kaysunmusic – because she genuinely enjoys eating healthy food and will tweet about it

@roshine – he has self esteem issues…

@toflo – chinese waiters…3 a.m… ’nuff said (snap to it!)

@johnnyofliveagl – WHOOMP!

@alexofliveagl – THERE IT IS!!

@readbeanpie – he’s a Yankee…so his spelling is a bit off

@camerontilbury – because he’s a Brit (sort of) and his spelling’s impeccable

@wontonfm – mmm…food…

@__melissa – because she loves CUPCAKES!

@iamrilla – have you seen these photos??

@djlissamonet – I dance to whatever she spins…she could spin dinner plates and it’d be cool

@4StaceyStar – hear she knows how to throw a good party

@mspaigemusic – have you heard her sing??

@jahvon – talented MC and too damn adorable

@cocolowecoco and @lowecocolowe – these ladies also know how to throw a good party…

@miss_tee and @emti – you MUST follow the dialogue between these two – hilarious

@creamworldmag – just follow, you’ll see…

@mistavybe – did someone say soca?


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