Because it happened to me…

Okay…I’m going to rant because I’m really really tired…and angry.And it’s moments like this that I think that HLBB actually serves a purpose.

Interior. Night. My apartment.
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Phone rings and a familiar number to The Girl shows up on the display. It’s the number of Stupid Fuck. She’s surprised, because she hasn’t heard from Stupid Fuck in about 3 months.

The Girl

Stupid Fuck
(false enthusiasm) Hey honey, what’s up?

The Girl
Not much. Just got in from work. You?

Stupid Fuck
(laughs) All work and no play…

The Girl
Yeah. But I had to get it done. I’m a mess though. Giant bruises everywhere from boxes falling on me and shit. But, whatever. It’s done and I’m about to hop in the shower and wash the day away.

Stupid Fuck
Whatcha doing tonight? Hitting up a club or something?

The Girl
No. Too beat up and tired. It’s shower, snack, maybe a drink and then bed. It’s been a rough couple of days.

Stupid Fuck
Aw, that’s it? You maybe wanna call me after the shower?
Maybe we could (pauses) hang out…

Girl looks at phone with an incredulous expression because she can’t believe what’s she’s hearing.

The Girl
(sarcastic tone) Seriously? I just told you that I had a rough couple of days and you’re asking me to (pauses and takes a deep breath) “hang out”?

Stupid Fuck
Well, it’s been a while since we talked…I thought…

The Girl
Yeah. Well. I gotta go (pauses) and (pauses) yeah, I wont be calling back. Ever.

Disclosure:no. I hadn’t slept with Stupid Fuck. Thought about it once, but then he didn’t call for three fucking months.

I will now never think of him again.

Guys: if a girl you’re interested in has had a bad day…they don’t need your shoulder to cry on, they don’t even really want to talk to you about it. They just want the day to go away.

Now,IF he had offered the slightest bit of kindness…a kind word of encouragement, cracked a joke, offered to bring me some goddamned food for fuck’s sake, I wouldn’t be calling him a Stupid Fuck right now and blasting him on this blog. So, if you’ve ever tried this (douchebag) move and wondered why she didn’t call you back or answer your other calls/emails/texts/BBMs…it’s because you. are. a. stupid. fuck.


3 thoughts on “Because it happened to me…

  1. Umm, pull up….did you move? If you did, and the stupid fuck didn't offer to help and is now calling late night?! The End.That's all…xoxo, Lowe

  2. He is indeed a stupid fuck…you put out there that you had a bad day…a few times..and all he could offer is a "hang out" read a good time for himself…selfish and sad.. Good riddance.

  3. @Lowe – no, I didn't move (but the work I was doing was just as rough) but after 3 months? Yeah…"hang out". Still shaking my head when I think about it. I guess this is why I invented this site! @PKGM – I don't even miss the thought of him ;)thanks for the comments!

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