Check your wardrobes…


5 thoughts on “Check your wardrobes…

  1. LMAO!! @ dude walking his bicycle. I do agree 100% with majority of what the ladies said but I strongly disagree with the statement "Men cant wear sandals or flip flops".F that. I get my toes pedicured every month and take good care of myself. I have worn flip flops all my life in Africa. No woman is gonna change that. If your feet are busted, I can understand that but thats not gonna happen. Sorry.

  2. ahahah the comment that girl made about the shoe talking was too hilarious. I remember two caribanas ago when this dude tried talking to a girl up on younge street…she looked at him from head to toe…everything seemed ok till she got to her shoes then said "fix your shoes then come back and talk to me"…that was cold of the female but every dude around there couldn't help but crack up….dude's shoes were mashed up….

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